Adult Entertainment Industry: A Market with Lot of Possibilities by Marie

Nowadays, people are going crazy in browsing adult content, hence adult work firms are growing with rapid speed and to a large extent. People who love to get the optimum pleasure of intimacy, sensual touch or private companionship, are frequent clients of such agencies. If you also wish to experience services of such agencies, then look for an Adult Work Firm in UK or in the place around you.

Adult entertainment agencies work to provide services that an individual (adult) can get utmost contentment of intimacy, can make his wildest desires and fantasies true and can live most remarkable moments of his life. A major number of people from the corners of the globe wish to live their life at the fullest. An adult work firm caters such peoples.

An adult work firm deals with escort services, massage parlours, adult entertainment store, and porn web content. Such agencies either work for a special category or offers all four types of services. Here is a short brief about all these four types of services.

Escort Services

An escort service provider firm or agency caters beautiful ladies for girlfriend experience, as a companion on trips, to company at parties or event, for private date or personal companionship. Typically, such agencies use to incorporate a bunch of beautiful and sensual ladies who work in this arena by their own consent.

Massage Services

There are millions of people around the world who love to get sensual touch. It doesn’t only please your body or mind, but it also rejuvenates the body, mind and soul to the core. Massage services are delivered by elegant and gorgeous ladies that a receiver can feel the maximum pleasure of erotic touch.

Adult Entertainment Stores

Such stores can be physical as well as online too. In such shop people would find adult costumes, sex toys, adult books, magazines, and different associated things.

Adult Movies & Videos

This type of business is at the peak nowadays as a reasonable number of people love to watch porn videos, movies, or associated verbal content frequently. Moreover, porn movie production is now has become a billion dollar industry that provides employment to millions of people from different parts of the world. Such service providers can be accessed online easily.

But if you wish to acquire escort services in your locality, then what would you do? Just simply go online and search for escort as per your locality as if you are residing in London, then simply search for London Escort and certainly you would find a plethora of agencies who will be offering escort services in London. Now you can easily choose an escort agency as per your need and budget.

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Spend Some Great Time with High Class Personal Service Escorts by Marie

How great it feels when people take out some time and spend some time with gorgeous escorts and travel companions. It is the human tendency that individuals want to try different things in life, but sometimes they shy away from sharing their desires with their wife or girlfriend. People who do not have either also have their own sexual fantasies and desires. In both of the cases, individuals most of the times fail to get what they love to do. This brings a lot of frustration and disenchantment. In this situation hiring luscious Personal Service Escorts may be the finest option. The company of a gorgeous escort allows you to try something new and turn your dreams come true.

A professional escort provides you some magical moments of sheer pleasure, eroticism, seduction and sensuality. She caresses you with her erotic touch and provides you what pleases you the most. You can share you secret wishes with escorts and fulfil your fantasies and desires. In case you are a BDSM lover and want to have sex in different positions, escorts are there to make you feel amazing. Nowadays, people have started hiring luscious escorts for making their business trips special and adding a charm to their parties. Since an escort is a learned woman with ravishing beauty and charming skills, she can be reached for different purposes.

Sexual pleasure is something that is essential for every individual and its absence may cause several problems. Even texts such as Kama Sutra have put emphasis on the need for sexual pleasure and suggested a number of positions. In our present society where people want amazing and exciting things like spanking and anal sex, it is an escort that can gratify your needs and desires. An escort allows you to fly high with fantasies and meet them eventually.

The trend of hiring busty Personal Service Escorts has become very common and people around the globe are hiring seductive escorts. As a result of which a number of escort agencies and adult work firms have emerged. City Butterflies is one of the firms, as it offers you some gorgeous escorts with round booty and juicy boobs and that too on very easy costs.

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Enjoy BDSM, Spanking and Striptease with High-Class Busty London Escorts by Marie

In the past times, escorts were subjected or considered only to gratify the sexual needs of a person. But, nowadays, individuals are using escorts for different purposes. For instance, party escorts give even an ordinary party an erotic touch, while a travel escort makes a business trip enjoyable and exciting. Apart from gratifying your sexual needs, an escort has the potential to turn your time into some memorable moments that you never forget your whole life.

A professional escort allows you to get away with the boredom of life and infuses a kind of energy to live a happy and pleasing life. London Escorts caress you with their erotic touch and sensational blowjob. An escort allows you to fly high with your sexual fantasies and desires and make them come true. With a seductive escort, you can enjoy BDSM, spanking, and striptease etc. No matter what your age is or what you expect from an escort, she is there to maximise your pleasure. Taking from giving you tight anal sex to a sizzling hot blowjob, an escort can do anything to quench your sexual thirst.

Since an escort is a learned woman with an attractive body and great communication skills, she can make your event something very special. Her marvellous beauty can turn other individuals towards you. What feeling that would be when people appreciate your choice and they turn into your favour. An escort can provide you with some real fun that you cannot expect from your wife or shy away asking for it. This is the reason why individuals around the globe have started hiring busty escorts in large numbers. Starting from politicians, bureaucrats, filmmakers, actors, and ambitious young people, everyone dreams of spending some time with high class London Escorts.

With the rising demands of sizzling hot escorts and seductive escort services, various firms have sprouted in the market, but only a few of them provide hot and beautiful escorts. City Butterflies is a well-known name in the market which provides numerous elite class escorts with luscious boobs and round ass. The firm offers travel escorts, BDSM escorts party escorts, GFE escorts, and more on very reasonable charges.

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Create Some Unforgettable Erotic Moments with Slim London Escorts by Marie

In the last few years, the trend of hiring professional escorts has become very popular throughout the globe and individuals are availing impeccable escort services in very large numbers. The company of a sexy woman is always appreciated by men, but the fun gets to be double when the woman is a professional escort. Apart from gratifying one’s sexual needs, an escort can be used for different purposes. For instance, if you are planning to throw a party and want to make it interesting and entertaining, you can hire luscious Slim London Escorts.

A party escort can serve wine in your party and make your guests feel awesome and something different. She teases your friends and invitees and adds an additional charm to your party. Likewise, an elite escort can be your perfect companion on your business trip. Since a high class escort knows how to behave in public and how to attract people, she can be the one that could help you fetching some opportunities. The beauty of an escort will certainly turn heads towards you.

In an interview, an entrepreneur accepted how he hired a gorgeous escort and made impression on others. He introduced her as his wife and then bagged some great deals. This is the reason why individuals are taking great interests spending some time with busty babes. An escort gratifies your sexual needs and allows you to fly high with your fantasies and desires. No matter whether you like BDSM or spanking, she will do what you wish her to be. She pleases you and offers you some erotic moments that you cannot expect from your wife or girlfriend.

There are numerous traits of professional escorts that have led to the emergence of a number of escort firms and agencies. City Butterflies is one such adult work firm which provides you with various seductive escorts including travel escorts, party escorts, GFE escorts, BDSM escorts, high class escorts, and more on very reasonable expenses.

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Dominatrix Escorts in London by Marie

The endless discussion on Fifty Shades of Grey has increased exponentially since the movie’s successful Valentine’s Day 2015 release, and even if the story line has broken very little new ground for connoisseurs of BDSM, it has provoked a lot of conversation about the appeal of this decidedly piquant form of intimacy. The novel features the macho, controlling Christian Grey who initiates his submissive, the innocent Anastasia Steele into her first sexual experience and the world of BDSM.

The Daily Beast has a sterling article ‘A Dominatrix reviews Fifty Shades of Grey‘ which looks at how much of the movie rings true with true BDSM aficionados. The author, Mistress D. Sandoval nails it with her description of

” E.L. James’s watered-down BDSM-related fantasy that’s been translated into a Hollywood movie targeting the general population; a populist bondage film..”

While some aspects of the movie, such as the ‘Red Room of Pain’ will have true fans of the fetish salivating for its elegant and flexible design, most will find the movie itself tepid rather than spicy.

The professional Dominatrix will also make the point that while the film is very much centered on the male/dominant, female/submissive aspect of BDSM, in reality escorts specialising in the field tend to see the exact opposite.  Male clients come to them because they enjoy the role of the submissive and relish a sexy woman dominating them, something which critics of the books and movie seem to be oblivious to when they insist that the concept of BDSM is one which entrenches gender inequality and the abuse of women.

The male client who seeks out a Dominatrix Escort in London or any other major centre is rarely submissive in real life. A Dominatrix will typically see businessmen who are powerful and commanding in their jobs and lives, but want the fantasy of being the naughty schoolboy with a strict headmistress (who happens to be smoking hot), or some other version along that theme. The experience is cathartic, fun, relieves stress and plays into fantasies they have which they prefer to enjoy at the hands of an expert. Make no mistake, you cannot dress up in leather, wield a whip and call yourself a Dominatrix. There is skill and insight required to take the client up to the point of maximum intensity without hitting breaking point.

Dominatrix Escorts in London

A professional Dominatrix Escort is one who knows how to play the lead role in the fantasy in such a way that she brings her client along for the ride. She knows how to balance pain and pleasure, humiliation and all the other elements of the experience in such a way as to allow her client complete expression of his desires in a a safe and controlled environment.

Booking a Dominatrix Escort in London

Men who have never booked an appointment with a Dominatrix escort may be nervous, but there is little to worry about in the hands of a professional. Always advise the agency if you have something in particular in mind so that they can let the Dominatrix know. Once you are safely in hand, your Dominatrix, who you should address with ‘Miss’ or ‘Mistress’, and never by name, will take charge of the situation and deal with you firmly and appropriately. With a professional, you are in safe hands and limits are always in place to protect both parties while ensuring that the fantasy is fully explored and the clients needs are fully met.

City Butterflies Dominatrix Escorts in London

At City Butteflies we have a range of stunning escorts including some of the best Dominatrix Escorts in London. We have blondes, brunettes, busty girls, girls with a model build and much more. Most of all, our Dominatrix escorts have the skills to provide you with the experience you desire. Don’t hesitate to call our friendly helpline if you have any questions or want to make a booking.

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What is a GFE Escort? by Marie

Our regular clients know their way around the language of the Escort Industry, but some newcomers may not be aware of what all the different acronyms mean. One question we have seen frequently asked on message boards is ‘what is a GFE Escort? ‘.  At City Butterflies, we take our role in the escort industry seriously, so we are more than happy to provide ongoing education about the role of escorts, not only in London, but also world-wide.

GFE stands for Girlfriend Experience, and GFE escorts offer you a very real simulation of what it is like to have a girlfriend for the duration of your booking. They will greet you affectionately and warmly, they are happy to walk hand in hand with you, kiss you tenderly, enjoy intimate dates with you and generally provide you with the experience of having the perfect girlfriend in every way.

Why do people book GFE Escorts?

Life is very rushed, and guys who work hard like to play hard. The problem is, they are often at the office 24/7 getting ahead with their careers and that leaves little time for socialising. When you spend so much time at work, it’s hard to find time to meet new people and have personal relationships. All work and no play is stressful too – everyone needs a little time out to revitalise themselves with. The problem with relationships is that they aren’t easy. When you have emotions and hearts on the line, your personal life can end up with more drama than you need or want.

When you book a GFE escort you know exactly what you are getting yourself into, which is rarely the case in personal relationships which can be difficult to control. When you book a professional GFE with City Butterflies, we guarantee you you will enjoy all of the advantages of having a girlfriend without any of the baggage.

Date the Girlfriend YOU want

Men have an idea of what their dream girl looks like, but fantasy and reality are two different things. The reason beautiful girls are so desirable is because they are rare. Hot girls are in high demand, and getting one to date you is not always easy, which can be tough on your confidence. When you date a GFE Escort from City Butterflies, you get to choose from a fantasy line up of some of the most beautiful girls in London. Whether you are looking for an exotic Brazilian stunner, or a blonde and busty knockout, you will find them in our portfolio of GFE Escorts. You will find yourself spoilt for choice with a range of beautiful girls who will make you feel as though you have died and gone to heaven.

Can I take a GFE to a social or business function?

Absolutely yes! At City Butterflies, our GFE escorts are not only sexy and beautiful, they are exquisitely dressed, stylishly groomed, and well spoken. These girls no how to conduct themselves anywhere with grace and charm, and if you want to be the envy of everyone in the room, you can book one of our escorts with absolute confidence. Certain escorts are also available for Travel Companion Services and Weekends, so you need never be without premium and luxurious companionship.

How should I act when I meet a GFE Escort?

Treat the experience as you would a date, and don’t be nervous. Unlike real life dates, a GFE date with a skilled professional escort cannot go wrong, so you have nothing to worry about. Dress like you are going on the date of a lifetime, because you are!

Browse our Portfolio of GFE Escorts and you could soon be going on your dream date with your dream girl. Fantasies CAN turn into reality, so don’t wait, live!

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The Best Busty Escorts in London by Marie

City Butterflies Busty London Escorts

At City Butterflies we know that men love busty escorts, which is why we represent some of the best busty escorts in London. Is anyone seriously going to argue that a red-blooded man doesn’t salivate at the sight of luscious big breasts? Of course not! There is something that sets the male heart racing when confronted with an hourglass figure with curves in all the right places. Having a taste for ample boobs is nothing to be ashamed of, it’s natural, and who is going to argue with Mother Nature?

It is a fact that when a man meets a woman, his eyes immediately go to her chest, and there is nothing wrong with that. Large breasts are sexy, and women know that too, which is why push-up bras have become best sellers. An ample bosom is aesthetically pleasing as well as being, well just gorgeous and downright hot.

The busty escorts from City Butterflies are especially chosen to appeal to a wide range of tastes. We know that connoisseurs of voluptuous ladies have preferences, and so we are delighted to present an exquisite line-up of well-stacked stunners, who are justifiably proud of their assets. Of course, ample bosoms are just one of the things that make these girls outstanding. All of them are intelligent, beautiful and incredibly warm and friendly – in short, our London lovelies have the whole package.

The City Butterflies Busty Escorts Portfolio

Our portfolio includes blonde and brunette busty escorts from all over the world. How about a busty blonde Brazilian? Or a brunette East European with a sultry, sexy accent and boobs that make you think you have died and gone to heaven? We have busty beauties to suit everyone. Your biggest problem is going to be which one to choose. So many beautiful boobs, so little time! We suggest you go right over to our portfolio now and start browsing. Keep your phone close by, because we are pretty sure you are going to want to make a booking before long.

Take your time gazing at the busty beauties in our gallery here, and then imagine yourself actually spending time with one of them in the flesh. Fortunately, some fantasies can be turned into reality – your dream date is just a phone call away.

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Escort Trends in 2015 by Marie

As with all industries, the escort industry evolves with the market. Sure there are some things that never change, like the requirement for a beautiful busty blonde to spend some fun time with, or the passionate Latina escort with long dark locks and smouldering eyes, but escorts are providing more services that you may not have thought of before. Here is a little round up of some trends that are going big in 2015

The Party Girl Escort

We are seeing an increase in requests for Party Girl Escorts. These days companies and even private individuals are becoming more and more competitive when they entertain. Everyone wants to throw the bash of the year. When you think ‘party’, smiling, gorgeous young girls having a great time is what you see. The advantage of hiring professional Party Girl Escorts is that these girls not only look fantastic, but they have bubbly personalities and dance skills, so they know how to get your guests on their feet and having fun. If you’ve spent a fortune on décor, food and drinks, go the extra mile and hire Party Girls to ensure your guests have the time of their lives.

The GFE Escort

We live in stressful times, and with success in business comes a fall-off in relationships. So many guys are working 24/7 earning great money, but their social lives are restricted to family and work colleagues. They long for some attentive female companionship, but the dating scene comes with its own hazards, and no-one wants to sit with drama and baggage. A GFE gives you all the highs of having a drop dead gorgeous girlfriend and none of the lows. Enjoy candlelit dinners for two, romantic walks and amazing intimacy with a captivating girl who hangs on your every word, and is there to make you feel great about yourself without the worry of wondering how things will go, and hassles of dating. This will be a growing escort trend in 2015

Couple’s Escorts

Traditionally escorts have been seen as something that guys treat themselves to, but as society changes, women are finding out that joining in the fun with their other half  adds a new dimension to their relationships. Being with two women is thought of as a traditionally male fantasy, but more women are getting into the idea that having your man and a gorgeous young woman with you can be incredibly satisfying, especially if you have bisexual inclinations as so many people do. We think the Couple’s Escort is set to be a major trend for 2015.

Escorts for Ladies

Here is an escort trend in 2015 that’s definitely on the rise. Ladies booking female escorts for companionship and fun. Women are finding themselves more and more liberated, and rightly feel that they are also entitled to enjoy the luxuries that were previously only available to men. We are finding more ladies booking a beautiful young escort to have dinner or spend time with. What’s more, the feedback is that they are having a fantastic time, and finding the experience boosts their confidence.

That’s our round-up of escort trends in 2015. Now we want to know what you, our readers think! Do you have any other trends you’d like to share with us. Pop a comment  below – we look forward to hearing from you.

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Travel Companion Escorts by Marie

All big cities tend to be isolating and alienating. London is no exception, and even the sophisticated traveller who is used to making regular international trips for business can find this cosmopolitan city lonely. If you are travelling to London in the near future, especially if it’s your first trip, you may want to explore the possibility of booking a travel companion who can show you around the United Kingdom’s most exhilarating city.
In today’s world, meeting people socially is difficult at the best of times. At the same time, people are travelling more than ever before, especially for business. London is known the world’s financial capital and so many men will find themselves in this vast, but lonely city at some point in their career. Even people from elsewhere in the UK find London intimidating, so imagine what a business traveller from a non-English-speaking country faces when he gets here. The days are filled with business meetings at boardrooms and corporate lunches, but at night he goes to a lonely, empty hotel room. It’s hard to enjoy the social aspects and top attractions of this city when you have no-one loving and friendly to share it with.
At City Butterflies, we have the perfect solution. Our beautiful young escorts, many of whom may speak your home language, simply adore showing people around London. Many of these lovely young ladies have chosen to make London their home because they love the freedom and sophistication this city offers. When you spend the day with one of them, you will get to see London as an insider. Instead of standing in dreary queues and lines by yourself, while watching other couples and families enjoying themselves, you could be enjoying the company of an exquisite young woman who will tend to your every need, accompany you to dinner and really listen to you, as well as provide sparkling conversation. Of course, our young London escorts wouldn’t dream of allowing you to feel lonely, so you can rest assured that your every need will be met.
A London travel companion is the perfect solution for the modern day traveller, and many discerning and wealthy gentlemen (and ladies) are opting to use the services of an escort agency like City Butterflies. There is nothing wrong with this approach in today’s world. Nowadays, it’s normal to meet on the Internet, and in fact many couples have met the Internet dating sites. Arranging for a London travel companion online is simply an extension of the already normal online dating practice, and makes perfect sense in today’s busy world.
We invite you to browse through our gallery of at and select someone who is a good fit for you. If you are at all unsure of who to choose, or any aspect of the selection process of booking a travel companion in London, don’t hesitate to call our friendly helpline. We will be more than happy to assist you and ensure that your trip to London is memorable for all the right reasons. Go to right now and find the companionship you deserve to enjoy on your trip to London.

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