No Date for Valentine’s Day

Alone in London and wondering what to do on Valentine’s Day?

If you schedule has been so hectic you haven’t had a chance for romance, or you are travelling solo on business, or even if you’ve just had a breakup, there is no reason for you to be by yourself on Valentine’s Day. Don’t stay in and mope, get out there an enjoy a dream date with one of our beautiful City Butterflies.

At we represent some of the most gorgeous young escorts in London. Our girls are all drop dead gorgeous, with incredibly toned bodies and they know how to pull out all the stops for an evening out. Sure you can ask the girl at the office out, and wonder if she will say yes or not, and then hope for the best on Valentine’s Day, but why not splurge and enjoy a night with someone who is 100% there for you in every way.

Our City Butterflies are not only perfectly groomed, with soft skin, silky perfectly styled hair, designer clothes that make the most of their fantastic frames and lingerie that will knock your socks off, they are also a fantastic company. These girls know how to make you feel good about yourself. Instead of beating yourself up because you have no date for Valentine’s Day, start planning a night to remember.

You are in London – one of the world’s most vibrant cities, and there is no excuse not to get out there and live it up. Browse our portfolio, find your dream date and book now. Start your date by meeting your City Butterfly at one of the city’s upmarket bars, have a cocktail or two, and prepare to be blown away by the site of your date dressed up for the nines. Nobody has to know it’s your first meeting because when you book a GFE,  your escort will greet you with a warm smile and a kiss. At City Butterflies, personality is very important, and we are known for representing girls who are skilled at putting clients at their ease.

After drinks, enjoy a leisurely dinner at one of London’s top restaurants with a companion who gives you all their attention and actually enjoys being with you. Many of our City Butterflies are fluent in English, and excellent conversation. Spoil your escort with some champagne, and compliment her, and know that your every effort will be rewarded. Our escorts believe in reciprocity, you take care of them, and they will take care of you in ways you haven’t even dreamed of, so prepare yourself for a night of sensual pleasure.

Stop moping and go to our City Butterflies Portfolio to find your dream Valentine’s Day Date right now. You can turn your fantasy into reality and spend time with a sophisticated, well-spoken, elegant, beautifully dressed babe who will delight you in every way, so go ahead and book!


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