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The endless discussion on Fifty Shades of Grey has increased exponentially since the movie’s successful Valentine’s Day 2015 release, and even if the story line has broken very little new ground for connoisseurs of BDSM, it has provoked a lot of conversation about the appeal of this decidedly piquant form of intimacy. The novel features the macho, controlling Christian Grey who initiates his submissive, the innocent Anastasia Steele into her first sexual experience and the world of BDSM.

The Daily Beast has a sterling article ‘A Dominatrix reviews Fifty Shades of Grey‘ which looks at how much of the movie rings true with true BDSM aficionados. The author, Mistress D. Sandoval nails it with her description of

” E.L. James’s watered-down BDSM-related fantasy that’s been translated into a Hollywood movie targeting the general population; a populist bondage film..”

While some aspects of the movie, such as the ‘Red Room of Pain’ will have true fans of the fetish salivating for its elegant and flexible design, most will find the movie itself tepid rather than spicy.

The professional Dominatrix will also make the point that while the film is very much centered on the male/dominant, female/submissive aspect of BDSM, in reality escorts specialising in the field tend to see the exact opposite.  Male clients come to them because they enjoy the role of the submissive and relish a sexy woman dominating them, something which critics of the books and movie seem to be oblivious to when they insist that the concept of BDSM is one which entrenches gender inequality and the abuse of women.

The male client who seeks out a Dominatrix Escort in London or any other major centre is rarely submissive in real life. A Dominatrix will typically see businessmen who are powerful and commanding in their jobs and lives, but want the fantasy of being the naughty schoolboy with a strict headmistress (who happens to be smoking hot), or some other version along that theme. The experience is cathartic, fun, relieves stress and plays into fantasies they have which they prefer to enjoy at the hands of an expert. Make no mistake, you cannot dress up in leather, wield a whip and call yourself a Dominatrix. There is skill and insight required to take the client up to the point of maximum intensity without hitting breaking point.

Dominatrix Escorts in London

A professional Dominatrix Escort is one who knows how to play the lead role in the fantasy in such a way that she brings her client along for the ride. She knows how to balance pain and pleasure, humiliation and all the other elements of the experience in such a way as to allow her client complete expression of his desires in a a safe and controlled environment.

Booking a Dominatrix Escort in London

Men who have never booked an appointment with a Dominatrix escort may be nervous, but there is little to worry about in the hands of a professional. Always advise the agency if you have something in particular in mind so that they can let the Dominatrix know. Once you are safely in hand, your Dominatrix, who you should address with ‘Miss’ or ‘Mistress’, and never by name, will take charge of the situation and deal with you firmly and appropriately. With a professional, you are in safe hands and limits are always in place to protect both parties while ensuring that the fantasy is fully explored and the clients needs are fully met.

City Butterflies Dominatrix Escorts in London

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