Female Escorts for Ladies in London by Marie

There is a trend emerging in the escort industry. It first started with Couple’s Escorts. Men were finding that their partners were opening up to the idea of reinvigorating their intimacy by exploring options that went far outside the traditional confines of marriage. There are very few straight men that wouldn’t put the idea of being with two women at the top of their fantasy list. Some wives and partners started thinking about these fantasies as something they could explore with their spouses instead of just dismissing them, and found that they actually enjoyed being around a sexy, beautiful young woman themselves.

It seems like a natural evolution to find that a market has emerged for Female Escorts for Ladies in London. These beautiful and confident women are comfortable in their own sexuality and liberated enough to revel in their bisexuality or outright preferences for lesbian experiences. Relationships are tricky. The human element always means that a one night stand has the chances of turning into a complicated situation, and seeing a professional escort limits the chances of misunderstanding and indiscretions.

People tend to think of Escorts as an exclusively male indulgence, but how true is this? Certainly there has not historically been a market for female escorts for ladies in London or anywhere else, but this doesn’t mean that women have not sought out the services of escorts or special female companions. They most certainly have, but everyone has stopped short of calling a spade a spade and concealed this activity with more socially correct euphemisms like ‘friendship’ and ‘mentoring’, especially in the case of an older woman with a young girl.

The idea that women go to see female escorts is considered quite radical, and there are those, especially in the feminist camp who would argue that it simply doesn’t happen because escorting is an industry designed by men only to benefit men. Of course, saying that something never happens doesn’t mean it really doesn’t happen, and this is the case with female escorts for ladies. There are many busy single women, and happily married women with children who are finding the joys of spending time with a beautiful woman who is there to cater to your every whim without any strings attached. Women with bisexual tendencies who would never openly define themselves in that way find that seeing a female escort is an amazing way of being able to explore their fantasies without giving themselves away.

The fact is women have been enjoying each other since the beginning of time, and it’s surprising that it has taken this long for this service to become widely available. By booking a female escort with a reputable escort agency like citybutterflies.com, our female clients are assured of the highest standards of professionalism and discretion. There is no need to feel embarrassed. Many of our City Butterflies escorts are very much bisexual, and they love spending time with their female clients. If you are a lady wanting to book the services of a female escort give us a call on our friendly helpline.


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Escorts for Ladies are the hottest new trend in London by Marie

As we pointed out in the citybutterflies.com blog last week (Escort Trends in 2015) , escorts for ladies are becoming big business. No, we aren’t talking about male escorts per se, although that is certainly something which we think is going to get bigger with time. We are referring to women who book female escorts! In case you are wondering, the answer is YES, ladies can and do book female escorts for their own pleasure.

Why would women book Female Escorts?

The question is probably better put as ‘why wouldn’t they?’. Studies have shown that most people have at least thought of experimenting with bisexuality, and very many have acted on those impulses. There is nothing unnatural about a woman being drawn to a beautiful creature from her own gender with silky skin, luscious locks and a delectable body. Perhaps you just want to experiment with spending time with a lovely young female escort, or maybe you are one of those women who believe that variety is the spice of life (and contrary to what people think, there are many of those). By booking an experienced and professional female escort, you can enjoy time without the possible risks and drama involved in a relationship, however long or short it is. Married women may be very happy with their husbands, and not want to prejudice their relationships while having unmet needs and desires which they want to express. By seeing a female escort, they can explore their fantasies in safety and discretion.

Aren’t Female Escorts for males only?

Absolutely not. Many of our gorgeous female escorts at City Butterflies are very much bisexual, and adore spending time with ladies. Certainly, there has been a traditional view that only men see escorts, but it has never been entirely true. As society becomes more open and more progressive, more and more women are feeling confident about themselves and their sexuality, and are tired of men having all the fun. We are seeing a slow but steady increase in the number of Couples seeing escorts together, and also of women seeking to spend quality time with a High Class female Escort by themselves and for their own enjoyment and fulfilment only.

I am a woman and I want to book the services of a High Class Female Escort. How do I do that?

You are already on Citybutterflies.com, so all you have to do is go on over to our extensive Portfolio of beautiful escorts now available in London, make a choice, which is the hard part given how many gorgeous girls we have, and then either book online or call our friendly helpline. Please do not be concerned about being judged or feeling embarrassed – there is absolutely no need for that. We are a sophisticated and prestigious agency, we a used to receiving requests, and the only thing we will judge you for is your incredibly good taste in picking one of our amazing girls.

I’m new to this and want to know what type of booking to make with a Female Escort

You can book one of our City Butterflies by the hour for her time, or you can book a dinner date which will give you the chance to get to know your escort for the evening. We find our female clients usually prefer a Dinner Date booking where they have the chance to chat and get to know a bit about their escort before things become more personal. Don’t worry about awkwardness. City Butterflies are professional escorts who love and take pride in their jobs and making their clients happy, so they know exactly how to handle any situation.

Of course, if you just want a short booking for some quick fun with a beautiful girl, you are welcome to book one of our fantastic London escorts by the hour, either at their discreet incall apartments, or they will come to your hotel room anywhere in London.

What other services are available from Female Escorts for Ladies?

Many of our girls are adventurous and open to role-playing, domination and other services. You can also enjoy a female escort as a Travel Companion. Rather than facing business trips alone, travel with a girlfriend who understands your needs, loves shopping, and is great companionship. There is a lot of fun to be had on a girls only trip, and it certainly beats coming back to a hotel room all by yourself.

There is a saying that you regret the things you didn’t do more than the things you did do. If you are here because you are a lady considering booking a Female Escort, don’t be hesitant. We assure you of the highest standards of professionalism and discretion. You have the option turn your fantasies into reality in a very safe way. We welcome you as a client to City Butterflies Escort Agency and have no doubt that we will have a long professional relationship as you discover the joys of booking a female escort.


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Escort Trends in 2015 by Marie

As with all industries, the escort industry evolves with the market. Sure there are some things that never change, like the requirement for a beautiful busty blonde to spend some fun time with, or the passionate Latina escort with long dark locks and smouldering eyes, but escorts are providing more services that you may not have thought of before. Here is a little round up of some trends that are going big in 2015

The Party Girl Escort

We are seeing an increase in requests for Party Girl Escorts. These days companies and even private individuals are becoming more and more competitive when they entertain. Everyone wants to throw the bash of the year. When you think ‘party’, smiling, gorgeous young girls having a great time is what you see. The advantage of hiring professional Party Girl Escorts is that these girls not only look fantastic, but they have bubbly personalities and dance skills, so they know how to get your guests on their feet and having fun. If you’ve spent a fortune on décor, food and drinks, go the extra mile and hire Party Girls to ensure your guests have the time of their lives.

The GFE Escort

We live in stressful times, and with success in business comes a fall-off in relationships. So many guys are working 24/7 earning great money, but their social lives are restricted to family and work colleagues. They long for some attentive female companionship, but the dating scene comes with its own hazards, and no-one wants to sit with drama and baggage. A GFE gives you all the highs of having a drop dead gorgeous girlfriend and none of the lows. Enjoy candlelit dinners for two, romantic walks and amazing intimacy with a captivating girl who hangs on your every word, and is there to make you feel great about yourself without the worry of wondering how things will go, and hassles of dating. This will be a growing escort trend in 2015

Couple’s Escorts

Traditionally escorts have been seen as something that guys treat themselves to, but as society changes, women are finding out that joining in the fun with their other half  adds a new dimension to their relationships. Being with two women is thought of as a traditionally male fantasy, but more women are getting into the idea that having your man and a gorgeous young woman with you can be incredibly satisfying, especially if you have bisexual inclinations as so many people do. We think the Couple’s Escort is set to be a major trend for 2015.

Escorts for Ladies

Here is an escort trend in 2015 that’s definitely on the rise. Ladies booking female escorts for companionship and fun. Women are finding themselves more and more liberated, and rightly feel that they are also entitled to enjoy the luxuries that were previously only available to men. We are finding more ladies booking a beautiful young escort to have dinner or spend time with. What’s more, the feedback is that they are having a fantastic time, and finding the experience boosts their confidence.

That’s our round-up of escort trends in 2015. Now we want to know what you, our readers think! Do you have any other trends you’d like to share with us. Pop a comment  below – we look forward to hearing from you.

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