Francesco has never had the ideal girlfriend before and so he decided to try out the Girlfriend experience with Dasha. Just by seeing her pictures he knew that she was the ideal one for him. He has always been attracted to Russian girls and when would he have a better opportunity to meet one if not now. Dasha had long dark hair and a curvaceous body that any girl would want. When he finally saw her in person he realised that she was everything that he had been imagining.

Francesco could feel the chemistry between them from the first moment he looked at her, it was unbelievable and impossible to deny. For a moment he forgot where he was and Dasha’s voice brought him back to reality. “Hi, it’s nice to finally meet you Francesco.”, he smiled and replied, “I couldn’t agree more.”

As they were walking towards his apartment they were learning more about each other. It made him feel as if they were really on a date and it made the whole experience even better than he thought it would be.

They reached Francesco’s apartment and went in, Dasha couldn’t resist her curiosity and started looking around. She joined him in the living room and he said, “My home is your home, well at least for the next two hours.”, Dasha couldn’t help but laugh and joined him on the couch where he was sitting. While they were talking about various subjects Dasha leaned on his arm and the chemistry he felt once her skin touched his was immense. Francesco couldn’t help but lean in and kiss her, it was like fireworks on their lips. Gently he laid her body more on the couch and started touching her soft skin. When they stopped kissing they were both breathless and just looking at each other aroused. She started unbuttoning his shirt and he started unzipping her dress in return. It was as if the room was suddenly on fire. Francesco unbuttoned his jeans and started taking them off, while Dasha started leaning towards him. Surprised at first, Francesco didn’t even realise that she took off his underwear. By the time she took off his underwear, his penis was already hard and Dasha started feeling his penis with her hands at first, enjoying the feeling of it and then she put her mouth around it. Francesco enjoyed each moment of her deep-throating but he wanted to feel her body before he came and so he switched things up. While getting on top of her he couldn’t stop thinking of what she feels like. He put his penis inside of her while looking at her beautiful body and each moment of it was a bliss for them both. They climaxed simultaneously and needed some time to get their breath back, but the look in their eyes insinuated that this wasn’t the end of it.

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