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This page allows you to upload content for your profile, should you want to send us some new images or even some images for the private member’s section of your profile then, please upload here.

So we can confirm who you are please enter your escort profile name and the email addresses used to join City Butterflies. You can also add additional notes and comments should you want to adjust any more content on your profile.

  • Please ensure all images are at least 2000 pixels on the longest edge. If you are unsure on size please send these instructions to your photographer. These are the images that will be on the public facing site so please only add images that you are comfortable with the public viewing.
    Drop files here or
    • If you are uploading unedited 'selfie' type images then images direct from phone or camera will be of sufficient size.
      These images will be used for internal verification and possibly on the membership content tab with your permission.
      If you are uploading a video please ensure that the video has been optimised for web and that it is no larger than 25mb. If your video is larger than 25mb then please send by WeTransfer to [email protected]
      Drop files here or
      • Please enter the email address used when you joined City Butterflies.
      • If you need to make any further changes to your profile or want to leave a note please do so here. We will get back to you to confirm all changes.
      • By submitting this form you are accepting that you have read our Privacy Policy.
      • This field is for validation purposes and should be left unchanged.

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