Anna discovers Tantric Massage for the first time

Anna had been thinking about getting a massage for a long time. She wanted to experience something different, something that will keep her on edge during the whole experience. Her exploring led to a tantric massage. Something that she has always wondered about. At that moment she realised that it was time to finally see what it’s like.

Erotic Massage

A few days later after some research, she booked a professional tantric masseuse. Not knowing what to expect she tried to get as comfortable as possible. Anna knew that this was something that everyone should experience at least once in their lives. She was aware of the healing powers that tantric massages have.

She entered the room and took off her clothes to prepare for the massage. The room was warm and already made her feel more at ease. Anna lay down on the table and waited, but she didn’t have to wait long. A woman walked in with a smile on her face and introduced herself.

“Hello, it is very nice to meet you. My name is Li and I will be your masseuse for this session. This massage is for you, so if you have any complaints please let me know. Tell me or show me what you enjoy, and I will concentrate on that.”.

After getting comfortable with Li and the idea of the massage itself, Anna lay down on her stomach and completely relaxed her body.

The point of a tantric massage is to sharpen all your senses and Li knew that. Which is why the first thing she did was warming the coconut oil. Its smell started spreading through the room. Once the oil was ready Li lubricated her hands and started slowly massaging Anna’s feet. Her touch seemed almost non-existing, making Anna even more aware of everything that Li was doing. She left feather-like touches on her legs, focusing on the muscles on her leg.

Li was avoiding Anna’s most sensitive areas, giving attention to the areas that were tense. While Li was massaging her back and neck, Anna could feel all of her emotions at once, it was such a strong feeling that she never felt before.

While massaging her, Li was using her thumb, guiding the built-up energy into her sensitive area, also called yoni, transforming her stress into pleasure. Anna immediately started noticing the difference, everything that she was sad and angry about slowly started becoming a good feeling. She wanted to let Li take control, so for once in her life, she let go.

Anna has never felt as free as she did at that moment. She trusted Li, which is what made it possible for Anna to feel all of those emotions and she definitely didn’t regret it. Li’s light touch would just brush lightly over her yoni, but those feather like touches were enough for her to reach the strongest orgasm in her life.

Anna couldn’t believe that light touches and a little bit of pressure on the right places would make her feel so fulfilled, in so many ways.

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