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The GFE by Lakewood

Francesco has never had the ideal girlfriend before and so he decided to try out the Girlfriend experience with Dasha. Just by seeing her pictures he knew that she was the ideal one for him. He has always been attracted to Russian girls and when would he have a better opportunity to meet one if … Continue reading The GFE

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A Couples Escort Experience by Lakewood

Noah has been planning something special for his wife for a while. Once he had already arranged everything he decided to surprise his wife Jenna for their anniversary. Noah knew that she always wanted to experiment more in bed. So, as a surprise, he called Olivia to join them and the redheaded beauty was looking … Continue reading A Couples Escort Experience

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The GFE Dinner Date by Lakewood

Leona was spending her day outside when she got a call from Jared. He wanted to see if she was available to come and spend the day over at his place. Excited to see him again Leona agreed and went home to get ready. She dressed casually and went directly to his apartment. Jared was … Continue reading The GFE Dinner Date

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Female Services Fantasy by Lakewood

Amber was always wondering what it would feel like to be with a woman. She wanted to finally explore that other side of her that was attracted to women. She decided to stop thinking about it and booked her appointment with Eva. After having talked with Eva she was a little bit more relaxed than … Continue reading Female Services Fantasy

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Erotic Story: The Date by Lakewood

The snow had fallen, and the ground was painted all-white, just like every child imagines Christmas. The wind was cold but Eva had dressed accordingly. Dressed in a red coat and a hat, she fit in perfectly with the surrounding Christmas market in the square. Eva was going to the Square to meet up with … Continue reading Erotic Story: The Date

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Top Steakhouses in London by Lakewood

It’s no secret that London is home to some of the best steakhouses in the world. Whether you wish to try a tomahawk ribeye or go for some fine British beef, there are plenty of restaurants that serve premium meat cuts here in London. To help you decide where to go, we’ve handpicked 5 of … Continue reading Top Steakhouses in London

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