Genuine Pictures Guarantee

Genuine Pictures Guarantee

The City Butterflies Genuine Images Guarantee

At City Butterflies, you will notice that many of our girls have a ‘Genuine Images Guarantee’ stamp on their profile picture. This means that these girls portfolio images have been compared with how they look in a personal interview, as well as what they look like in informal selfies with little or no makeup.

Obviously, in an industry where looks are important, such as modelling and escorting, our clients want to be reassured that the girl they see on our site really is the same girl who they see during a booking. With advances such as Photoshop, it is possible to transform a girl’s photos completely. While everyone uses Photoshop to a certain extent, escorting clients have had bad experiences with girls who look nothing like their photos.

When you book an escort, you deserve to get the girl you paid for, not someone completely different. You may have chosen a girl for her toned legs and flat abs and then find yourself with someone who is flabby, overweight and out of shape. There is nothing that can ruin the excitement and fun of using escort services like false advertising.

We know it’s important to you that you are fully satisfied with your booking. For this reason, we make a point of offering a Genuine Images Guarantee where we are absolutely sure that it is merited. That doesn’t mean that girls without the guarantee don’t look like their portfolio shots, it just means we haven’t had the opportunity to meet with them in person yet.

We want you to be confident that when you choose City Butterflies Escort Agency, you enjoy every aspect of your booking. Earning your trust and ensuring a seamless experience is very important to us.