5 Romantic Dates in London

When it comes to going on dates, Londoners are spoilt for choice. From sophisticated cocktail bars and romantic restaurants with candlelit tables to lively food markets and picturesque promenades, you definitely won’t have trouble finding a perfect date spot in London. Here is our guide to the best 5 romantic dates in London.

Date Number 1:  Cocktail Evening at the Shard

Cocktail Evening At The Shard

Take that special someone on a date to the top of the tallest building in Europe, the popular Shard. This building boasts a number of excellent bars and restaurants including the fabulous Aqua Shard or the Oblix’s lounge bar where you can have late-night cocktails with your date. One of the best thing things about the Shard is that it offers amazing sunset views over London.


Date Number 2: A Visit to the London Markets

Visit To The London Markets

A visit to one or two of the London Markets is definitely a good idea for a date. Take in the scents at the Broadway Market or take your date to try street food at the lovely Broadway Market. In case both of you are not hungry, head out to the Columbia Flower Market and admire the beauty of stem-cut flowers, sunflower petals, and pot plants.


Date Number 3: A Movie at the Electric Cinema

Movie At The Electric Cinema

For a romantic date, get two tickets to see a movie at the Electric Cinema in Portobello. What makes this cinema stand out from other places in the city is that they have cosy 2-seater sofas and personal cashmere blankets. There is also a nice selection of wines, cocktails, and beers to choose from, as well as some snacks that you can get.


Date Number 4: Dinner at Brunswick House

Dinner At Brunswick House

If you are thinking about taking your date out for dinner, you simply can’t go wrong with the Brunswick House. From the inviting décor with the Lassco architectural salvage yard to the knowledgeable waiters, this extraordinary dining establishment has it all. There is also the food, which is always delicious. Order roast figs or longhorn rum and if there is some space left for dessert, share a portion of balsamic ice cream with your date.


Date Number 5: Comedy Show at the Covent Garden Comedy Club

Covent Garden Comedy Club

Impress your date with tickets to the Covent Garden Comedy Club which is one of the most popular comedy clubs in London. This place hosts some of the biggest names in the comedy world. It boasts a laid-back vibe which creates a perfect setting for a romantic evening in London.