Erotic Stories: A morning out of the city

In The Country

I’ve been an escort for a couple of years now, and I’ve seen it all.  But there’s one thing that to this day get me all worked up, and that’s when I take off my clothes and my client looks at me with that look in his eyes.  I get goosebumps when I see him watching me and I imagine what he wants to do to me. I get aroused and thank heaven I chose this career.

There was this particular client, I’ll call him Chris.  He was a hedge fund manager and he wanted me to go with him to Essex for the weekend.  I had been there once and remembered how beautiful it was.  He came for me early Saturday.  I have nice legs, and it was going to be hot out, so I wore my cute little cutoff jean shorts and a tight tank top.  I got in the car and watched his eyes scanning my hot little body, and then the goosebumps came.

We talked about this and that on the way, but I couldn’t help notice how he was looking at me.  I decided to do something naughty.  He was driving and I asked him, “What are you thinking about right now?” and I moved my hand between his legs, stroking his hard shaft.  The more I stroked him, the hornier I became.

We finally arrived at the bed and breakfast and had a nice country breakfast, but I could see the last thing he wanted was food to eat.  I suggested we take it to our rooms and he thought that was a great idea.  Closing the door behind us, I sat him on the bed so he could watch me undress. Getting wetter as the seconds passed, I was full of early morning sexual energy.  I moved towards Chris and sat on his lap, grinding up and down on his thick cock against my wet pussy.  He took hold of my butt and moved me back and forth on him with his pants still on, and I craned my neck up to the ceiling as waves of pleasure ran through my body.

I got off him and helped him remove his pants, and out popped his member, and watched it throb. Both of us naked, I bent down and stroked it in my hands, teasing him with my fingers moving around the tip.  I wrapped my mouth around the thickened shaft and as I sucked him I looked in his eyes, and the goosebumps turned into hot desire to have him fuck my brains out. He pressed the back of my head towards him and I took almost all of him into my mouth.

I’ve got a petite body and it was made for this kind of activity, and I have an incredible amount of sexual energy.   When I got up I sat on Chris again and he squeezed my hips with his strong grip, moving his impatient, searching hands down to my ass cheeks and squeezing and slapping them. I couldn’t wait any longer, so I arched my hips into the air and took hold of the tip of his cock.  I stroked the tip up and down between my pussy lips.  I heard him breathe, “You’re such a sexy woman,” and that did it.

He penetrated me slowly and took hold of my thighs, pushing me down as his cock glided into me.  The feeling of being first penetrated always drives me wild, and my eyes rolled to the back of my head.  We gained a rhythm and he thrust into me faster and faster, spanking my ass and reaching up to bite my hard nipples.  We rode so hard that I forgot where I was, the intense sensations coming over me were making me dizzy.  His fullness in me, I rocked harder and harder and I began to scream as I orgasmed, but I felt a bigger one was on its way.

Suddenly he lifted me off him and turned me over on the bed and I kneeled on my hands and knees, waiting.  Standing up behind me, he fingered my swollen pussy. He spread my lips and placed his cock at my opening.  I didn’t know when he thrust inside me and it felt like his cock reached up to my throat.  He pumped harder and harder, smacking my ass and squeezing my waist tightly. Then I screamed as the huge orgasm I expected came. A moment later, he pulled out and I rolled over on my back, I stroked his cock until his come squirted out onto my tits and chest.  I brought it to my mouth to taste it saltiness on my lips as some of the hot come dripped down onto my body.

Both of us lie down, out of breath, but his cock was still thick and hard.  I smiled to myself, anticipating how the rest of the day would go.


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