Best Russian Restaurants in London

There is no shortage of Russian restaurants in London. Whether you wish to have a bowl of freshly prepared borshtch or you want to try Russian specialities like okroshka and pelmeni, Russian restaurants in London cover a variety of regional cuisines and cater to all tastes. Let’s take a look at some of the best places for Russian cuisine in London.


Mari Vanna

Mari Vanna Knightsbridge

One of the most famous Russian restaurants in London, Mari Vanna boasts an old-fashioned décor with ornate chandeliers, dozens of books, and nesting dolls. Expect to find a classical Russian menu including specialties like Oliver salad, oladushki, dumplings, beetroot soup with beef, and much more. This Knightsbridge restaurant also offers a reasonably priced set lunch of three courses for just £30.


Bob Bob Ricard

Bob Bob Ricard Restaurant

Located in Soho and owned by Leonid Shutov, Bob Bob Ricard is well-known for its press for champagne button and a mixture of British and Russian cuisine. Serving traditional Russian food with an upscale twist like pelmeni, vareniki, truffled potato, and chicken Kiev, this is an excellent place to try a variety of Russian dishes.


Borshtch N Tears

Borshtch N Tears

Despite its Ukrainian origins, Borshtch is one of the most famous dishes in Russia. If you are looking for a great place to try this amazing dish, head out to one of the oldest Russian restaurants in the country, the popular Borshtch N Tears. Established in 1965, this authentic Russian restaurant boasts a nice interior with low lighting, red décor, and live Russian music. As for the food, starters like pelmeni, chebureki, and pirozhki are definitely worth ordering.


Zima Russian Street Food And Bar

Zima Russian Street Food And Bar

Zima Russian Street Food and Bar is a traditional Russian joint in London’s Soho that offers Russian cuisine with a sophisticated and modern twist. Try the tasty black caviar served with blinis or order a portion of crab slaw with red caviar and bread crisps. In case you get thirsty, go for the popular nastoykas, infused vodka that comes in different flavours including strawberry and sea buckthorn.




Stolle London

A popular chain of pike bakeries with locations in New York, Moscow, and London, Stolle is located in Camden and offers a nice selection of sweet and savoury pies, as well as classical Russian dishes like stroganoff, potato pancakes, dumplings, and stuffed cabbage. They also have an extensive list of Georgian wine and traditional Russian tea which is served in a crystal drinking glass.