Why British escorts in London are the best!

The allure of British escorts in London

As you may know, our clients covet British escorts in London. Our top of the range girls in this category are our ultimate luxury offering. There’s something extraordinary about being in London with a high-class local escort. It adds so much to the experience! British girls are naturally friendly, smart and funny, classy and very sexy. They have that ladylike exterior with perfect manners and grooming, which hides a very naughty streak. What can be more alluring than that contrast?

City Butterflies British escorts

When you approach a girl you don’t know, you’re always taking the risk of spending time and money wining and dining someone who isn’t quite what you thought she was. Why waste all that effort, when we at City Butterflies London Escort Agency have done all the legwork for you? We are one of the oldest, most established agencies in London, and our clients trust us to deliver a seamless experience. We work hard to interview and represent only the girls who make the grade.  Firstly, they have to be beautiful! Secondly, they have to be a great conversationalist, and most importantly, they must have the skills that leave you perfectly satisfied in every way!

Genuine Pictures Guarantee

When we put a ‘Genuine Pictures’ guarantee on a profile, you can be confident we have personally interviewed the luxurious British escort and that you can expect to meet your dream girl in the photo gallery. You will have exactly the sensual experience you have been longing for, with none of the strings or disappointment.

Call us for details

Our friendly book staff are familiar with all the girls and very experienced, so if you aren’t sure about the perfect match for you, give them a call now at +44 207 993 5060. You deserve the perfect treat, so indulge yourself!

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