Erotic Story: The Date

Erotic Christmas

The snow had fallen, and the ground was painted all-white, just like every child imagines Christmas. The wind was cold but Eva had dressed accordingly. Dressed in a red coat and a hat, she fit in perfectly with the surrounding Christmas market in the square. Eva was going to the Square to meet up with Robert and she started wondering where he was planning to take her this evening. She noticed him standing in the crowd, but he stood out due to his elegant way of dressing.

He looked up and spotted her looking at him, her face lit up with a warm smile. Robert as an assertive man started approaching her ina slow but confident pace. He reached out with his arms to greet Eva with a hug. She immediately noticed how tiny she felt in his embrace. He suggested that they went somewhere warmer, such as the local bar down the street. Eva agreed, and they went to his favorite place for a drink. While they were chatting, oneof Robert’s colleagues joined them for a drink. They engaged in an intellectualconversation about crowd founding.

After a few drinks, Robert’s colleague stood up and told them that he had to leave. Robert realized that it was getting late and decided that it was time to proceed with the night in a more intimate direction. He told Eva that he lives close to the bar and that he has an old bottle of wine at home that he really wanted to open tonight. Eva loved the idea of getting somewhere more private and enjoying an intriguing conversation over a glass of wine. The walk back to Robert’s apartment felt less cold than the one Eva had encountered earlier at the Square. The reasons behind that were clear but she did not feel like letting him know about it yet. Robert slowed down in one moment and said, “We’re here. If you’d be my guest?”. Eva smiled and nodded.

Once they were inside, Robert opened the bottle of wine and took out two glasses serving them both with a cold beverage.  After talking for a while, they fell into a comfortable silence. They couldn’t stop looking at each other’s eyes and the atmosphere became tenser because now there was a strong sexual tension present. They both felt it, but Robert was the one that made the first move and came closer to Eva. He looked into her eyes while touching her skin with his fingers. Robert slowly pulled her closer for a kiss and since that moment none of them resisted continuing. He started undressing Eva and their movements increased in speed as they became more inpatient to enjoy each other’s bodies.

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