Escort Trends in 2015

As with all industries, the escort industry evolves with the market. Sure there are some things that never change, like the requirement for a beautiful busty blonde to spend some fun time with, or the passionate Latina escort with long dark locks and smouldering eyes, but escorts are providing more services that you may not have thought of before. Here is a little round up of some trends that are going big in 2015

The Party Girl Escort

We are seeing an increase in requests for Party Girl Escorts. These days companies and even private individuals are becoming more and more competitive when they entertain. Everyone wants to throw the bash of the year. When you think ‘party’, smiling, gorgeous young girls having a great time is what you see. The advantage of hiring professional Party Girl Escorts is that these girls not only look fantastic, but they have bubbly personalities and dance skills, so they know how to get your guests on their feet and having fun. If you’ve spent a fortune on décor, food and drinks, go the extra mile and hire Party Girls to ensure your guests have the time of their lives.

The GFE Escort

We live in stressful times, and with success in business comes a fall-off in relationships. So many guys are working 24/7 earning great money, but their social lives are restricted to family and work colleagues. They long for some attentive female companionship, but the dating scene comes with its own hazards, and no-one wants to sit with drama and baggage. A GFE gives you all the highs of having a drop dead gorgeous girlfriend and none of the lows. Enjoy candlelit dinners for two, romantic walks and amazing intimacy with a captivating girl who hangs on your every word, and is there to make you feel great about yourself without the worry of wondering how things will go, and hassles of dating. This will be a growing escort trend in 2015

Couple’s Escorts

Traditionally escorts have been seen as something that guys treat themselves to, but as society changes, women are finding out that joining in the fun with their other half  adds a new dimension to their relationships. Being with two women is thought of as a traditionally male fantasy, but more women are getting into the idea that having your man and a gorgeous young woman with you can be incredibly satisfying, especially if you have bisexual inclinations as so many people do. We think the Couple’s Escort is set to be a major trend for 2015.

Escorts for Ladies

Here is an escort trend in 2015 that’s definitely on the rise. Ladies booking female escorts for companionship and fun. Women are finding themselves more and more liberated, and rightly feel that they are also entitled to enjoy the luxuries that were previously only available to men. We are finding more ladies booking a beautiful young escort to have dinner or spend time with. What’s more, the feedback is that they are having a fantastic time, and finding the experience boosts their confidence.

That’s our round-up of escort trends in 2015. Now we want to know what you, our readers think! Do you have any other trends you’d like to share with us. Pop a comment  below – we look forward to hearing from you.

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