Fantasy Staycation With a Beautiful Escort

After an eventful girlfriend experience with Amelia during his birthday, and having promised to reach out to her in the future, Mark knew the valentines weekend presented the perfect opportunity for another erotic adventure with her best escort-yet. He could feel his body warm up with excitement, as he dialled her number and waited. 

After 3 rings, she answered and muttered, “It looks like somebody missed me”. Mark couldn’t help but smile at the sound of her cheerful voice.

 “Yes, you’ve been missed dearly by every inch of my existence”, he said.

 “Matter of fact, I want to show you how much”. 

“I’m all ears”, “what do you have in mind?” she added.

“Well, for starters, there’s a reservation at a luxury hotel for the weekend”, he lied. He was planning to make the reservations after she confirms her availability. 

She went silent for a moment which made him anxious. What if she turned him down? He thought to himself. 

Well, that would force him to spend another Valentine’s day alone, the third one in a row since his breakup and he wasn’t ready to be alone with his thoughts.

Her sweet voice jolted him back to the call. “Well, I can’t say No to luxury. Plus, I’m available”. The truth is that she had to drop a client that she’d put on a waiting list. She really liked Mark and was eager to have a second date with him. 

He was charming, intelligent, fun, and a god between the sheets. She couldn’t say no to that. Men like Mark don’t come by every day, at least not in her profession. So, she was going to make the most of it.

In the next hour, Mark had excused himself, made the reservations, and sent her the details. They spent 30 more minutes talking about random things and promising each other an amazing time. The conversation flowed freely. You wouldn’t imagine it was months since they were together. 

Fast forward to the weekend, and Mark was at the hotel an hour before midday. He’d hardly slept the previous night as his mind kept replaying their previous encounter. The mindblowing erotic exploration and sensual pleasures she’d ignited in him. He kept wondering what bag of orgasmic spells she was bringing with her this time. 

Amelia showed up a quarter past three and found Mark enjoying a beer at the bar terrace overlooking the city’s skyline. She couldn’t help but notice his chiselled physique when they hugged. She closed her eyes and breathed his fragrance as he held her tightly in his strong arm. No one wanted to let go.

While she melted in his embrace, Mark was enduring the torture of her perky breasts and pointed nipples poking him. She didn’t have a bra on.

“You’re beautiful”, Mark whispered in her ear. She pulled back and looked at his lust-filled eyes and said, “Thank you handsome”, “I’m all yours now”. She winked as she sat down across from him.

They enjoyed teasing each other to build up the tension. It was some sort of telepathic foreplay in public. Now, they have breathtaking views of the city bearing witness to their sensual play. The setting was right, the mood perfect, and the emotions wild. 

When her drink came, Amelia moved her feet under the table and started to rub on his. She looked into his eyes as she took her first sip and sighed satisfactorily. 

“I really needed that”, she said, unperturbed with the effect she was having on him. Her skin glowed in the evening sun that hit her face from the side. She was now brushing her feet up her calf teasingly and enjoying the effect on his face. Mark realised just how much he had missed the touch of her soft skin on his.

Abruptly, Mark propped himself in front and leaned towards her, resting his elbows on the table. He motioned her to move close, and when she was barely inches away, he whispered, “what do you have underneath that dress?”

“Nothing!” she replied. 

“Is there room for me?” He continued.

“Always,” she said, then winked.

Mark’s throbbing manhood was almost ripping through his shorts. He wanted to grab her with his strong arms, put her on his shoulder and go straight to their room to explore every inch of her curvy body, finally resting at the sweet, wet valley of infinite pleasures.

But he was enjoying the foreplay edging between them. They were in their own world. A beautiful one, that was both chaotic and peaceful. But then, the tipping point came when he reached for her hand and started rubbing it. His touch was always irresistible, soothing, and just what she needed at that point to get get her off the seat and pull him towards their room.

They maintained their composure as they walked across the room but jumped on each other’s arms when the lift doors closed. Amidst the touching and kissing, he managed to press their floor number. When it opened at their destination, they were burning with desire for each other’s bodies. 

Luckily, there was nobody in the corridor. He picked her up and carried her to their room. Immediately, they were in the room and shut the door behind them, he got her off the dress and true to her word, she had nothing else underneath. 

He moved his hands all over her body, awakening every sensual nerve. She was literally moaning when he lay her down on the thick carpet and spread her legs. As he brought her tongue to her throbbing clit, he felt the grip of her thighs tighten around his neck, and she started to convulse. Next, the squirt flushed forcefully. She moved her hips up and down uncontrollably while calling out his name. 

The carpet became their sensual playground for the duration of the staycation. They could hardly keep their hands off each other. Safe to say, they achieved maximum satisfaction, pushed erotic boundaries, and set a new record for their sensual craziness.

Finally, when he hugged her goodbye outside the hotel, Mark knew he would call her phone sooner this time. Amelia entered her cab, knowing she’ll be more than happy to receive the call after the second ring.