Playing Muse to the Masseuse Next Door

When he went to answer the door, Michael didn’t know who to expect that early in the morning. He was still in his sleeping shorts and had barely managed to conceal his morning wood. When he opened the door, the morning sun rays hit his eyes, blinding him momentarily. So he heard her sweet, mellow voice before he could make out Angie’s curvy, beautiful shape.

“Hi, Good morning Mike?” she said, stretching her hand to greet his. “I’m sorry if I woke you up.”

“No, you didn’t. I was just lazying around,” he quipped and stretched his hand to meet hers, visibly surprised and awed.

What could she want from him? They hardly talked to each other, save for the occasional neighbourly greetings and small talk whenever they met. However, he always checked her out. She even caught him once staring at her bubbly ass after they’d passed each other during an evening run. He could stare at her for hours or even days. Her physique was a thrilling masterpiece, and her reserved nature intrigued him.

“Will you?” she was saying. 

“Yes, of course,” he snapped out of his reverie, uncertain what he’d agreed to.

“Can we go right now, or do you need some time to prepare?” she asked, looking straight into his eyes. “I have breakfast ready in case you’re famished,” she added.

“I like that,” he said excitedly. “Give me a minute to put on my sweatpants.”

He came out two minutes later, closed his door, and they started walking towards her place.

“As I was saying, the table is quite heavy and cramming up space in my living area,” she continued, as they approached her home. “I want to move the set up to the extra bedroom. It’s more spacious and private.”

He listened keenly, trying to piece together what she was talking about. “Well, let’s check it out,” he said when they reached her doorstep.

She opened the door and ushered him into a warm, stylish living area. He stood at the doorway to admire the magnificent art pieces hanging on the walls, antique artefacts on every corner of the room, and thick carpet stretching from wall to wall. She’d put the theme together nicely.

He noticed the massage table in the corner of the room. It was the only thing out of place. He understood why she wanted to move it. He thought of asking what she was doing with such a massive massage table but decided to wait.

She motioned him to take a sit as she walked to the open kitchen. He watched her hips sway seductively, wishing she’d been the breakfast instead of the french toast and coffee.

“Bon appétit,” she said and disappeared into another room. The breakfast was delicious, and the coffee helped to wake him up. He was ready for whatever she needed him to do. But, he wasn’t prepared to deal with the temptation of her seductions—intentional or not. Especially when she reappeared wearing a white hot pant and a loose-fitting t-shirt. He could see her perky breasts forming an outline on the t-shirt and knew she wasn’t wearing a bra. Her pointed nipples seemed to be enjoying the new-found freedom a little too much.

She cleared the plates and asked to show him where she wanted to set up the table. While inside the room, she told him about her massage profession and how she planned to offer exclusive incall services

He told her the room was perfect. It would easily accommodate the table and any equipment she might add later.

Even though it was heavy, it took them a short time to move the table and set it up. Also, they moved one of the couches from the living room into the corner of the spare bedroom. Then, she went to her bedroom and brought a bag full of oils, towels, and other massage utilities.

“What do you think?” She turned around to ask him as he stood by the door.

“I think it’s perfect. Your clients are in for a treat,” he said.

“Well, why don’t we do a test run?” She quizzed while moving towards him.

He was caught by surprise and didn’t know how to respond. Plus, he wasn’t sure if she was serious or messing with him.

“I know you’ve been checking me out, no?” She was now inches from him, and he could smell her strong fragrance that always turned him on.

“Now that you mention it, I think my tensed muscles will do with some tender care,” he replied, pointing to his back. “And, about checking you out, my eyes can’t resist a beautiful view. Your ass offers plenty of it.” he winked.

“That makes today your lucky day because you’re about to have an eyeful,” she quipped and handed him a towel. “Go freshen up in there,” she added, pointing towards the washroom.

To date, that remains the quickest shower Michael has ever taken. He returned within minutes and sat on the couch, awaiting further instructions. The uncrtainty of what would follow next kept him excited and on edge. So far, he was happy with the turn of even.

His thoughts were cut short when Angie walked in wearing a silky robe. She pointed to the table, and he knew exactly what she meant. He went and lay on the table facing down, not realizing that he had his clothes on.

“Do you mind getting your clothes out of the way for me,” she joked. He laughed and stood up to undress.

She passed him the towel to cover up. His penis was visibly erect. He had to force it to make it easy to lie on the table.

“Is this your first time?” She asked.

“Here? Yes!” He joked.

“No, I mean getting a massage,” she replied.

“It’s not my first, but it’s the first time with a masseuse I fancy,” he said under his breath and almost instantly felt warm oil pouring on his back.

“Then, you should enjoy it.”

With that, she started working her tender hands on his massive back, spreading the oil slowly and firmly. Michael felt his muscles loosening. She moved around his back, shoulders, and neck without missing a spot. He felt a huge relief with every touch.

After about 20 minutes, she moved to his lower back and removed the towel covering his ass cheeks. She applied more oil and took turns massaging the legs, moving rhythmically from the glutes to the toes. With every rub and stroke of her tender hands, he felt the tension leave his body, and he experienced great satisfaction. 

But, the arousal kept building up. So much so that by the time he turned around, his manhood was fully erect. He managed to catch a glimpse of her shocked expression. “That’s a huge distraction,” she said and proceeded to oil his body. He enjoyed her touch on his chest and arms, but his penis kept begging for attention. He noticed her hardened nipples pointing through the silk rob, and he craved to touch them. They were inviting, yet too far.

She tactfully avoided his shaft, and it was driving him crazy. Finally, when she was done, he sat up and asked if he could touch her. He would have given anything to have a handful of her ass and kiss her inviting neck.

“No!” she said, “but you can watch,” she added and went to sit on the couch. She maintained eye contact with him as she unfastened her robe and spread her legs to expose a pair of visibly wet vagina lips. She moved her right hand down and parted the fold to access her plump clit that was ripe with need. Then, she started rubbing it slowly as she moaned.

Michael, couldn’t take it anymore. He started stroking his shaft. The massage oil provided adequate lubrication. She raised one leg on the couch and rubbed her clit vigorously while caressing her nipples. She felt the orgasm build up. It was intense.

Right across from her, Michael was at the peak of release. He stroked his penis faster and, in no time, shot up a load of cum. He spasmed as more of his seed left his body. Almost instantly, Angie’s body started quivering, and she screamed, exploding into a thunderous orgasm. It came in waves and lasted longer than his climax.

After the high subsided, she got up, moved towards him and planted a kiss on his lips. “Next time, I want you to stretch me out with that rod,” she said, pointing to his member. “For now, I guess we had a successful test run.”

Michael returned to his place relieved and wished “Next time” came soon enough. He was happy to play muse to the most beautiful masseuse he knows.