London’s Most Romantic Restaurants

London’s romantic appeal is highly underrated. The city is a treasure trove of romantic activities and sites. There’s love at every turn, it’s impossible not to notice. However, at the heart of it all, fuelling the romance, are the romantic restaurants.

They provide perfect setups to enchant a loved one on a special occasion like a birthday, anniversary, engagement, or valentine’s day. Also, for a first date, the right restaurant can kickstart a great courtship.

If you’re wondering which spots we’re talking about, this article is for you. Read on to discover the most romantic restaurants in London—Because nothing spells romance better than delicious food, a lovely ambience, and the love of your life seated across from you sharing the moment.

The Top 7 Romantic Restaurants in London



Seabird is synonymous with delicious seafood, an amazing Mediterranean-influenced decor, and breathtaking London skyline views. It’s located on the 14th floor of Hoxton, Southwark. The ambience of the place screams “Romance” from the entrance all the way to the terrace.

The floor-to-ceiling windows ensure you have a panoramic view of the city and several of its historical landmarks. Then, you have a live DJ spinning vinyl records to set the mood as you settle into your seats. At the centre of the room, you’ll see their impressive “raw bar” that’s revered for its great cocktails and drinks.

The best part of it all is their professional and friendly staff who are always ready to provide you with world-class service. If you have a hard time deciding between their variety of oysters and other high-quality seafood with Spanish and Portuguese flavours, you can trust the staff to recommend their best treats. Their menu even has gluten-free, vegan, and vegetarian options.

A romantic date at the Seabird is guaranteed to leave a lasting memory in your relationship. Be sure to book early if you want a spot on the terrace during the warm weather.

noble rot

Noble Rot

If you want to wine and dine your date literally, with key emphasis on the wine, Noble Rot is the place to be. Located in Bloomsbury, this stylish, cosy, and chilled environment has a romantic ambience that’s just perfect for two souls that adore each other.

While the wine is a great attraction, their ever-changing menu of appetizing delicacies will keep your taste glands busy and satisfied. The only challenge for most diners is settling on a single meal. You might be spoilt for choice and that’s where their enthusiastic staff come in and help.

You can take time to familiarise yourself with general and unique facts about wine so that you can impress your date.

clos maggiore

Clos Maggiore

This list would be incomplete without the winner of London’s most romantic restaurant. And, yes! Clos Maggiore has a French influence in the mix—The menu is largely seasonal french cuisine, with small bits of Spanish. Not to mention they have more than 2,500 wines to choose from.

The interior adorns beautiful flowers that give the place a calm ambience perfect for wooing a date. It also features a glass roof that opens up during the warm season to let in the fresh air and closes in winter to shelter diners from the cold.

You’ll find this gem in the heart of Covent Garden.

milk beach

Milk Beach

Milk Beach is an Australian-inspired all-day restaurant found in Queen’s Park. They’re known for their plate-sharing culture that largely favours lovebirds who want to bond and converse over a nice meal in an amazing setting.

You shouldn’t leave before trying their speciality coffees from different parts of the world and terroir-driven wines.



What’s not to love about Daphne’s? First, it’s conveniently hidden between Chelsea and South Kensington. Secondly, it’s spacious and fully decorated with amazing artwork and complemented by a fireplace to warm up the room.

Thirdly, their menu features seasonal Italian classics that are sure to appease your huge appetite and hunger. Lastly, their warm and inviting service will make you cosy up with your sweetheart and enjoy the date even more. If you’re planning a surprise for your loved one, you can bet, the staff will help you execute it perfectly.

brasserie of light

Brasserie of Light

Located inside Selfridges, the Brasserie of light is an art deco-inspired dining restaurant. It features everything from stylish leather booths, to a high ceiling,  and the conspicuous Damien Hirst crystal Pegasus statue high on the wall. The large space and natural lighting encourage a feeling of calm and warmth which is exactly what you need when out on a date.

To add to the glamorous interior, their extensive menu of British and internationally-inspired dishes promises to satisfy all your food cravings. Eventually, to wind down, order your favourite drink or inquire about some of their specials from the bar and sip the day away while enjoying a good chat with your date.



Amazonico restaurant is a great piece of artwork. The decor which is designed to replicate the amazon forest is done beautifully. It draws you in and keeps you mesmerised for the better part of your stay. So, if your point is to make an impression on a date, Amazonico is the place to go.

The restaurant’s menu combines a blend of Tropical and Latin American cuisines that mainly originate from the communities around the Amazon. One bite of the delicious Peruvian sushi, grilled meat, or raw seafood and you’re transported to the heart of Latin America.

Like Sandro Silva, the owner says, “The Amazon is more than a river, it connects people, cultures and traditions”. In this case, you could add “Lovebirds”.


That’s our top 7 romantic restaurants to visit in London. Other honourable mentions that would provide the same romantic appeal for you and your date include union social, 34 Mayfair, Sager and Wilde, Rabot 1745, and more.