My First Erotic Massage Wasn’t What I Was Expecting

By the time I booked my first erotic massage, I’d gone for countless regular massage therapy—incall and outcall, and they were amazing. However, nothing would’ve prepared me for my first dig into therapeutic eroticism. It was an unforgettable experience, to say the least. 

Here’s how it all went down.

A Blissful Birthday Treat

For years, I have intentionally foregone spending my birthday. So, two years ago, when the day approached, I was planning to do nothing, as usual, but, having made it through three decades and overcome a myriad of challenges, I figured a little celebration would suffice. And what better way to do it than an erotic massage treat from the leading sensual massage agency in town?

I’d done enough reading about erotic massages to know that the pampering, with a touch of sensual exploration, would provide a holistic orgasmic pleasure and healing experience. So, I didn’t waste much time loading my favourite massage agency website and starting the booking process.

Seamless Booking

Considering this wasn’t my first time on the site, I knew exactly how the booking process went. I prefer online booking because it’s easy and convenient. 

First, I browsed through their gallery to see if there were any new masseuses that I liked. It didn’t take long before a gorgeous, curvy brunette caught my eye. Her name was Ilaria. I clicked on her profile to see more pictures and read her bio. I was highly impressed and decided immediately she would be my first.

I booked Ilaria for my first incall erotic massage and waited for confirmation from the agency. I was keen to tell them that it was my birthday just in case they had a special treat or discount. 

Their reception is always prompt, so they replied within a few minutes to confirm my massage appointment and added that they had a special surprise for me.

I was really excited and wished I’d booked an earlier appointment. Even worse, I didn’t have anything else lined up for the afternoon, so I was just waiting for the evening to go to the masseuse’s residence. I tried watching a movie but couldn’t concentrate at all. All I could think about was the great experience in-store. 

The fact that I didn’t want to search for any information about erotic massage online didn’t make it any easier. So, my wild thoughts had a field day in my mind. 

Finally, it was time, and the massage agency even sent a reminder and a car to pick me up. I quickly took a shower, dressed up, and left. They’re always discreet and highly customer-oriented, which is why I’ve stuck with them for a long time.

The location wasn’t far from my place, so we arrived fast. However, what surprised me was the luxurious neighbourhood the driver drove into. The place exuded extravagance everywhere, from the cabro ushering us into the driveway to the unique landscaping outside the different buildings. Finally, the driver stopped outside one of the houses and signalled that we had arrived.

I got outside the car and was immediately hit by a soothing breeze as I walked towards the door of the house. I pressed the bell, then turned around to admire the well-manicured, lush green lawn and the beautiful architectural designs of the surrounding buildings.

I was startled from my reverie by a soft, seductive female voice behind me saying, “welcome to the house, more beauty lies within”. I turned around to find a gorgeous lady standing in the doorway. She had the most beautiful smile on her face. For a moment, I even forgot she wasn’t Ilaria. 

Seeing my stunned face, she added, “Don’t keep us waiting”. That’s when it hit me that there was somebody else. Eventually, I managed to say “Hi” and walked into the house. The house was quite big, and the hallway opened to a beautiful living area with marvellous decor that matched perfectly. 

Right at the centre of the room, Ilaria stood in all her elegance, holding a beautiful sign that said, “Happy Birthday B, welcome to your sensual paradise”. I stood there for a moment admiring her beauty. Then it hit me that the photos didn’t do justice to her glamorous look. She was an artistic masterpiece from head to toe.

The other masseuse who had opened the door joined her, and they gestured for me to follow them as they went into an adjacent room. They’d already set up the place, and now that I was here, we might as well get started.

The Preparation

Well, not so first. At least not with the two irresistibly-beautiful masseuses in front of me. They told me to relax because I was in safe hands for the next 90 minutes-plus. I found myself saying, “can I see your hands?” and we all laughed. That helped to clear any uneasiness lingering in the room.

They took a few minutes to explain the basics and asked if I had any limitations. Next, they asked me to strip down so we could take a quick bath together. I caught my tongue from saying I’d already showered. Because who turns down a shower with two sexy women? Not me! Not in this lifetime or any other.

While in the shower, they gently rubbed their hands over my muscles and explained that the warm water and muscle rubs helped the body to relax more. They were right.

From the shower, we all dried ourselves, and they directed me to lie on the massage table facing down. I did as told and waited eagerly for my erotic adventure to begin. It did, almost immediately, when a sweet-smelling massage oil hit the skin on my back and two pairs of soft hands got to work instantly.

The four-hand massage was a totally new and refreshing experience. To start with, they worked my neck and back simultaneously and in unison. Then, slowly and surely, moved down to my lower back, thighs, calves, and feet. They spared no. It seemed as though they were playing one musical instrument and producing amazing melodious tunes.

My body responded rhythmically, and I experienced the deepest form of holistic relaxation, from the muscles to my mind and soul. Occasionally, one of them would ask how I was feeling, and my answer was always, “great”.

At some point, one of the masseuses got on top of the table and gave me a body-to-body massage. I could feel her soft skin rubbing on mine as she made slow seductive moves while working my muscles. At this point, I could feel my sensual energy building up. I was really turned on, and just when I thought my bulging erection would tear into the massage table, they told me to turn and face up.

Full Dive Into Eroticism

I was hesitant to turn around, but one of them comfortingly said it was okay. So, I slowly turned and faced up with my throbbing manhood fully erect. I could see them smile at each other as they passed the massage oil to pour on their hands. Then, Ilaria started massaging my chest as the other lady (whose name I can’t remember even though she told it to me severally) zoned in on my core. 

Like the back massage, they worked all the muscles and helped me relax, including my excited manhood. That’s until they moved down to massage my core and thighs. First, they worked the outer thighs, then moved to the inner thighs, in perfect synchrony.

At this point, the highly intimate massage had put me in a state of euphoric bliss. I was erotically stimulated through every nerve in my body. For a moment, I thought I’d reached the peak of my sensual massage excitement and that it would soon be over. How wrong I was! 

Tactically, they started to focus on my erogenous zones. They tapped into the core of my sensual energy and spread it throughout my body in an unexplainable tantric skill. This led to a multilayered orgasmic feeling that I’d never experienced or even knew I could achieve.

Their mindblowing teasing with lingam and prostate massage kept me on edge perpetually. I longed for the release but didn’t want the full-body erotic pleasure to end. The trance-like sensual bliss was the most peaceful-cum-exciting moment of my life. How did they do it? I have no idea. All I know is that it felt amazing.

Happy Ending

We’d already talked about giving a happy ending which I said I’d be happy to receive. So, while I lay there experiencing a wide range of mindblowing sensual pleasures, they moved their focus on the lingam and prostate massages. I found myself spreading my thighs to give them easy access to the prostate area.

Tactfully, they kept me on the brink of climax for what seemed like an eternity. Then, they finally guided me to a full-body explosive release. The orgasmic explosion coursed through my entire body, and it was extremely satisfying. I looked up and saw two beautiful faces smiling at me. I smiled back and muttered the most heartfelt “thank you” I’ve ever said to anyone.

They started heading into the shower and asked if I wanted to join them. You can guess they didn’t have to ask twice. We cleaned up, and after drying ourselves and getting dressed, they saw me off to the door. My ride was already there waiting. I went back home a relaxed, happy, and satisfied man. My physical, mental, and spiritual being were all at peace.

My Advice

Since then, I’ve booked more erotic massages, which have been great. However, the first one made its mark and remains the best one to date. It took me to the depths of sexual exploration and discovery and changed my whole approach to sensual pleasure. If you plan to have your first erotic massage, ensure you book the best massage agency.