A Couples Escort Experience

Noah has been planning something special for his wife for a while. Once he had already arranged everything he decided to surprise his wife Jenna for their anniversary. Noah knew that she always wanted to experiment more in bed. So, as a surprise, he called Olivia to join them and the redheaded beauty was looking forward to it.

He planned for Olivia to meet them at the hotel where they stayed for the weekend and his wife was thrilled about the idea. Besides the nervousness that came with the anticipation, she couldn’t wait to finally meet her.

Olivia was wearing a slim green dress, that ended just above her knees. The dress made her figure even sexier and her heels made her legs look even longer than it seemed possible. By the time she reached their hotel room, Jenna couldn’t wait to finally look at the mysterious lady. Once she did see Olivia, she drew in a quick breath. Noah wanted his wife to fully enjoy her time with the redheaded beauty which is why he sat on the chair and let his wife have some fun on her own.

After talking a little bit, Jenna was ready to have some pleasure and Olivia obliged and started undressing her, taking off Jenna’s skirt by unzipping it slowly and letting it fall freely on the floor. Olivia’s cold fingers and her touch made Jenna breathe faster. She slowly slid down on the floor and while looking at her took off her panties. Jenna’s breathing became faster from the anticipation. Not wanting to keep her waiting too long, Olivia came so close to her body that Jenna was able to feel her hot breath on her body. Slowly she started pleasuring Jenna with her mouth while touching her at the same time. The feeling of another woman touching her, licking her, pleasuring her, made Jenna, even more, turned on than she usually would be. She didn’t feel the need to say anything because Olivia was doing an amazing job on her own. The only sounds she made were those of pleasure, all night.