The GFE Dinner Date

Leona was spending her day outside when she got a call from Jared. He wanted to see if she was available to come and spend the day over at his place. Excited to see him again Leona agreed and went home to get ready. She dressed casually and went directly to his apartment. Jared was about to start making lunch when someone rang on the door. He went to see who it was and when she saw Leona he was surprised that she came so quickly. She hugged him immediately and gave him a quick kiss.

“Well, you definitely know how to put a smile on my face.” Jared said which caused her to smile back at him “I can say the same about you. So, what are you doing?”

“I was thinking about making lunch now, I wasn’t expecting you to come so soon,” he answered truthfully. Leona smiled sheepishly “I couldn’t wait to see you. We can make it together, what do you say?” Jared nodded and pulled her in his arms to kiss her. “That’s all I have to say. The kitchen is in this direction.”

They went together and once Jared explained her what he wanted to make for lunch, they started preparing it together. After a while, Jared lost concentration and decided to concentrate on something else. He noticed Leona was frying something and decided that it didn’t really matter.

He sneaked up on her and started kissing her neck, Leona jumped surprised but then quickly relaxed leaning on Jared. Turning around slowly Leona kissed Jared. In return, he picked her up and put her on top of a table. Leona started pulling Jared’s shirt over his head, slowly stripping him of his clothes while he couldn’t stop admiring her lustfulness. Just her sexual desire itself made him want her even more.

Her perky breasts were now noticeable, and he pushed her down on the table. He started stripping her of all her clothes. Jared wanted to enjoy every part of her body, kissing each part of her body starting with the neck and below. Once his lips came close to her clitoris he stopped, looked up at her and that eye contact sparked the desire, even more, he went back down and teased her by slowly passing his tongue over the clitoris without stopping. It made her crazy and she grabbed his hair, forcing him down between her legs. Not that Jared opposed of it.