Best New Restaurants in London

London’s culinary scene has one of the richest, and most diverse cuisines worldwide. Plus, it’s always growing. New joints pop up regularly, and old establishments incorporate new practices and recipes to stay ahead of the competition. It’s a thriving industry that benefits consumers significantly.

If you’re planning to visit the city or just moved there recently, you should try out what the restaurants offer—food, drinks, ambience and everything in between. And, instead of going to old dining joints, here are the best new restaurants to visit in London:

dorian 1

1. Dorian

Located at 105-107 Talbot Road, London W11 2AT, at the site of the old Raoul’s and Coins Coffee store, Dorian restaurant brings new life to the area. The owners have been in the restaurant business for as long as they can remember. So, you can expect nothing but classic cuisines, a broad range of drinks, a vibrant atmosphere, and professional service.

Even though it’s only a few months old, Dorian is almost always full. Their seasonally-changing menu offers sumptuous delights for clients who can either book online or try their luck finding a table, since the management leaves a few tables for walk-in clients. The set-up features a large open kitchen and a combination of counter dining and banquette seating.

At the rate Dorian is attracting hungry London residents, it’s giving established bistros in Nottinghill a run for their recipes. 


2. Straker’s

From Tiktok and Instagram to 91 Golborne road, Thomas Straker is determined to grow his brand by producing mouthwatering delicacies. So far, he’s creating quite a buzz in Nottinghill, thanks to his sustainable and seasonal menu. Also, you can expect a rich wine list with bottles from wineries in Spain, France, and Italy.

Straker’s London, despite being a small space with an accommodation capacity of about 40 people, the interiors are breathtaking. Now, combine the vibrant atmosphere, tasteful meals, and skilled staff, and you have the perfect spot for a date night or restaurant rendezvous.

humble chicken soho

3. Humble Chicken

If you want to taste various preparations of perfectly cooked chicken, head to Humble Chicken in Soho. it’s a rebirthed Japanese restaurant run by the renowned Chef Angelo Sato. The place features countertop seating where you can watch the kitchen staff work magic on the yakitori, different chicken skewers, oysters, desserts, and other meals.

Also, they have outdoor tables with heaters for those who prefer an airy atmosphere. Their professional and friendly staff are available to help you with the menu choices, and anything else you might need. While the prices are a bit high, the experience is worth it.


4. Apricity

Apricity puts a new twist to fine dining in London. For starters, the owner Chantelle Nicholson is heavy on sustainability. This is noticeable from the bare plastered walls, oyster shell light pendants, and chairs made from Coca-Cola bottles. Their menu changes seasonally and incorporates classic cuisines from different parts of the world.

The chefs here know their craft. They easily produce varying flavours and textures of food, to the delight of hungry and curious clients. Not to forgetting the unrivalled artistic presentation of meals. And, to wash it down is an extensive selection of wines, cocktails, and soft drinks.

Contrary to expectations of a Mayfair restaurant, Apricity has a warm and casual neighbourhood feel. Be sure to book the basement table if you want to see the chefs in action.


5. Cadet

Delicious food servings, good wine, and excellent service. That’s all you need to know about this gem in Newington Green. It brings together two of London’s finest wine buyers, a master chef, and a charcuterie specialist. Their combined expertise promises nothing short of a mindblowing experience.

The Cadet restaurant is always open until late. Therefore, it’s the ideal place to enjoy delicious meat slices and a glass of your favourite wine at 10 PM.


6. Ikoyi

To add to its reputation of being one of the fastest restaurants in London to reach 2 Michelin stars, Ikoyi Restauran now has a much bigger space to work its culinary magic. The chefs have perfected the art of combining different ingredients and spices to produce unique food flavours and textures.

The unusual taste combinations and aesthetically-pleasing presentation will leave you in awe and craving more. Unlike many Michelin-ranked restaurants, Ikoyi is quite generous with its portions. By the time you’re done, you may have little to no room for the classic wine pairings.

The restaurant’s tasting menu is the epitome of unusual and creative food combinations. It also includes diverse gluten-free and vegetarian options. And, the best part is the place features a friendly atmosphere and helpful staff.


7. Ciccheti

Get a taste of Italy in this new restaurant chain, Ciccheti, under the San Carlo group. You can expect tasty delights of fish, pizza, and fresh pasta dishes, among other classic Italian cuisines. The cool, stylish interior decor does an even better representation of Italian culture. It wouldn’t be surprising to imagine you’re in Venice, when you walk into the premises.


8. Maresco

In Soho at 45 Berwick Street, Scotland meets Spain (culinary speaking) under the masterful stewardship of Stephen Lironi. Maresco restaurant mainly serves Spanish-cooked Scottish seafood paired with exclusive Spanish wines.

The place features counter dining where guests sit overlooking Soho or the chefs (in the open kitchen). You can feel Soho’s vibrance oozing into the restaurant while waiting for or consuming your meal. It’s only a matter of time before Maresco stamps itself as a staple in the area.


9. Caravel

This floating restaurant takes fine dining to a whole new level. First, the boat feature is a masterpiece by two brothers Fin and Lorcan Spiteri. Now, add the tranquility of the surrounding and stylish interiors, and you can bet the restaurant scores highly on first impressions.

Their menu doesn’t disappoint either. It borrows heavily from the brothers’ childhood favourite. A few mouth-watering options to try are the crispy pork belly, blood orange jelly with honeycomb, confit duck rissoles, and sesame prawn toast with spiced tartare. The drinks are mainly cocktails like the Blood Orange Margarita and other custom mixes by Fin Spiteri.

Overall, Caravel is a lovely restaurant for special occasions with family or loved ones. It promises a unique and memorable dining experience.

mount street

10. Mount Street Restaurant

To wrap up our list of best new restaurants is the renovated Mount Street sitting on top of The Audley in Mayfair. It boasts luxurious art pieces on its walls and cosy furniture. The owners have done a remarkable job on the aesthetics. Even better is the culinary artistry that goes on in the kitchen and ends up on your plate.

The menu is a mix of London’s staple recipes with touches of different world flavours. There’s also a vegetable-based menu for plant-forward diners. Their polite staff are always ready to help with any inquiries. They make sure you enjoy every second of your dining experience.

This is a good eating joint to impress out-of-town friends and acquaintances. Before you leave, you can pop in at the pub on the ground floor and enjoy a few of your favourite drinks.