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What bars are good in South Kensington, which 5 Star Hotels should I consider? Are these questions you often come across? The City Butterflies London Guide helps you make the most of London. We focus on the luxury of capital but also have many guides for smaller budgets and things to see and do across London. From events to bars to recommended hotels, we share our years of experience with you.

5 Romantic Dates in London by Lakewood

When it comes to going on dates, Londoners are spoilt for choice. From sophisticated cocktail bars and romantic restaurants with candlelit tables to lively food markets and picturesque promenades, you definitely won’t have trouble finding a perfect date spot in London. Here is our guide to the best 5 romantic dates in London. Date Number … Continue reading 5 Romantic Dates in London

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Top 5 Bars in Mayfair by Lakewood

Bordered by Green Park to the South, Oxford Street to the north, Hyde Park to the west, and Regent Street to the east, Mayfair is one of the most expensive neighbourhoods in London and houses many luxury restaurants, hotels, and shops. This attractive location is also home to a number of excellent bars ranging from … Continue reading Top 5 Bars in Mayfair

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Things to do in Paddington by Lakewood

Located north of the River Thames in central London, Paddington is a cosmopolitan district that is home to one of the busiest train stations in the city. This vibrant area also boasts dozens of lovely garden squares, as well as charming canals and waterways. Whether you are looking for a nice bar to unwind with … Continue reading Things to do in Paddington

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The Most Expensive Hotels in London by Lakewood

Besides being home to hundreds of historical landmarks and tourist attractions, London is also well-known for its luxurious hotels. Whether you are looking for an elegant 5-star hotel with tip-top service and premium amenities or an extravagant hotel that features exclusive spas and world-renowned restaurants, there are definitely plenty of luxurious accommodation options to choose … Continue reading The Most Expensive Hotels in London

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