5 Fun and Stress-Free Ways to Enjoy a Day in London

London is a beautiful, historical city and a happy place for many people. It features countless fun activities and iconic locations. It’s impossible to exhaust all of them in a single vacation, let alone a day. Therefore, if you’re pressed for time, here are 5 ways to enjoy a one-day tour of London.

How to Have Fun in London

1. Try a Restaurant’s Tasting Menu

What better way to kickstart a fun-filled day in London than to enjoy delicious meals and exquisite wine pairings? Treat your taste buds to mouth-watering local and international delicacies at lavish restaurants and from street vendors. Pick a preferred joint and savour London’s cuisines. 

Consider asking for some local favourites like the full English breakfast, fish and chips, and afternoon tea, to name a few. Enjoy the hospitality and interact with the staff if possible. Ask about the ingredients, traditions, and history of the meals and drinks—to learn and connect with their culture. 

Be sure to eat to your fill because you’ll need the energy to pull through the day, as you experience London.

2. Visit the British Museum

Enjoy the peace, quiet, and beauty in the British Museum while you soak in the masterpiece artworks, human cultures, and world history. The place features more than 50 galleries and hosts exciting exhibitions and events regularly. There’s a lot to admire and learn about Britain and the world.

The museum provides a stress-free escape that takes you through 2 million years of human history. Combine that with the remarkable artistic displays, and you’re sure to enjoy every minute of your tour. It also features a nice gift shop where you can purchase a memoir for yourself or a loved one at an affordable fee.

Fortunately, the entree is free to the public. But you must book the date and time online in advance. 

3. Walk Around the City

There’s no better way to enjoy a sightseeing tour of London than take a walk through the city. Most of the iconic attractions are within walking distance of each other, and there’re other exciting joints to discover in between. You’ll experience the city’s rawness and many fine details that aren’t found in tour guides.

You can research and map out your route, then go alone or sign up for one of the many walking tours. If you choose the former, you can start in South Kensington, past Knightsbridge and through St. James Park. Buckingham Palace is nearby if you want to take a peek at royalty and possibly witness the changing of the guard (every morning at 11 am).

Westminister is next, and here you’ll find the House of Parliament and the Big Ben. Then, you can take a break by hopping on a boat ride on the Thames or continue walking across Westminster Bridge.

Borough Market should be your next stop as it features lots of food and fresh produce. Walk around the historic market, taste some of the meals and drinks, and interact with the traders. These will give you a deep insight into their culture and experiences.

Other walking tours to consider include; the Original Harry Potter Locations tour, the Historical Pub Walking tour, and Jack the Ripper Walking tour.

4. Enjoy a Good Laugh at a Comedy Show

After sightseeing and touring London, you should take the fun a notch higher and go to a comedy show. Luckily, the city has many comedy clubs and shows that promise a good laugh on any given night. From the 99 Club, the Soho Comedy Factory, and the West End Comedy Club, to Comedy on the Thames. You’ll be spoilt for choice. 

The prices vary significantly, and a good number of them are free. Also, the lineups range from new comedians to seasoned ones, including household names you’ve seen on tv or online. They all come armed with rib-cracking jokes, so you should prepare for a good laugh.

5. Explore the Nightlife

Finally, you should immerse yourself in London’s nightlife and see how much fun it offers. The options, in this case, are endless. Starting with the famed rooftop bars, the vibrant Soho district, festivals, and shows. It’s up to you to pick whatever you like and search online or ask around what’s happening and where.

Rooftop bars provide a great ambience to enjoy a drink and watch the sweeping views of London’s skyline at night. Also, you can interact with locals and loosen up by dancing the night away. Soho, on the other hand, is like the party centre of the city. You should consider exploring different joints along the street before settling wherever you have the most fun.

Find out if there’s a festival or late-night event in the area and attend. It could be a music show, sports event, a play, or any other live occasion.