Female Services Fantasy

Amber was always wondering what it would feel like to be with a woman. She wanted to finally explore that other side of her that was attracted to women. She decided to stop thinking about it and booked her appointment with Eva. After having talked with Eva she was a little bit more relaxed than before.

They arranged to meet up in South Kensington. While Amber was on her way there she started becoming nervous but once she saw Eva all those worries disappeared. She was certain that she made the right decision.

Eva greeted her with a smile and a hug and they started walking together down the street. She saw it most fitting for them to go for a cup of coffee and then for Eva to join her in her apartment.

Amber wasn’t sure how comfortable she was going to feel in the beginning. But as time passed she became aware of just how comfortable she was in her company. What surprised her was how open-minded and easy-going Eva was. They took a walk back to Amber’s apartment while talking about their mutual interests. The night she spent with Eva made her feel as if they went on a date and that itself put a smile on her face.

She didn’t have much time to pay attention to Eva’s body, but once they went inside the apartment, she couldn’t stop looking at her. Eva had the body of a supermodel, that anyone would want to have, any way possible. While Amber was pouring them a glass of wine Eva approached her and gently turned her towards herself.

She leaned in and started kissing Amber’s neck letting her lips linger. After having felt Eva’s hands on her hips, all she wanted to do was to take her to the bedroom. And that’s exactly what she did, she managed to speak up and Eva gladly agreed to it. When they when they went inside the bedroom, Eva gently pushed Amber on the bed and got on top of her.Like a predator watching its prey, Eva couldn’t take her eyes off of her and so she leaned in and kissed her passionately. The kiss was so intense that it made Amber become wet. She wanted more, and she wanted it now. Eva started going lower teasingly slow, until she reached Amber’s clit. She bent and gave Amber the pleasure of her life. She enjoyed pleasuring Amber and even more so, giving her a night to remember.