Incall vs Outcall: What Is Better for You?

The choice between an incall or outcall massage service depends on many factors. So, to help you figure out the better option, we’ll discuss the differences, pros, cons, and everything in between. Read on to get all the details.

What’s an Incall Service?

Incall is a service where the client visits the service provider at their location to receive the service(s). Therefore, in the case of a massage, you’ll go to the massage parlour or wherever the masseuse/masseur works from.

What’s an Outcall Service?

Outcall service is where the service provider comes to your location to offer their service(s). In this case, the masseuse/masseur will pack their massage equipment and come to you. It’s also known as a mobile massage, onsite massage, or house-call massage session.

Differences Between Incall and Outcall Service

The main difference between incall and outcall service is the location. For incalls, you must go to the masseuse, while for outcalls, they come to you. However, there’re more differences like time, price range, and service. 

During an incall, the burden of timekeeping lies with the client because they must travel to the service provider. On the other hand, the masseuse must factor in the travel time to the client for an outcall. Not forgetting the time it takes to set up and prepare since they’re in an unfamiliar environment.

The price range of incalls don’t vary as much unless you’re travelling out of town, where it costs more to get to the masseuse. Outcalls usually cost a lot more because the masseuse includes the transportation costs.

Service-wise, you’re likely to get premium treatment during an incall because the service provider has access to all the necessary tools. Plus, the place is familiar and professionally set up for that specific service. From the lighting, sound, scent, furniture, you name it. You’re sure to get the maximum value of the service. Outcall services are also professional, but it’s not the same value compared to a professional environment with all the right equipment and little to no disturbance.

Advantages of Incall

  • More affordable since there’re no transportation or location expenses included.
  • The service provider is in control of the environment. Hence, they’re able to work efficiently and create a comfortable and safe space for clients. For instance, a massage therapist can control the temperature, lighting, and music to create a more relaxed environment.
  • There’re no disturbances from ringing telephones, noisy neighbours, or loud stereos. Also, there won’t be any interruptions from the start to the end of the session.
  • The service provider has all the necessary tools of trade at their disposal. Therefore, if they feel a specific item or equipment will help them achieve better results depending on a client’s response, they can easily get it from the facility.
  • It’s ideal if you decide to get a massage spontaneously. Most parlours accept walk-ins, so you can simply go to a spa and enjoy their services.
  • You don’t tidy up the place after the session is over.
  • You can interact face-to-face with different service providers and pick the one you like.

Disadvantages of Incall

  • It’s time-consuming for the client, especially if they must travel out of town to get to the service provider.
  • If it’s a walk-in, you may not find your preferred service provider because they’re working with another client, on an outcall, or it’s their off day.

Advantages of Outcall

  • It’s highly flexible. You choose your preferred location and time for the service. Hence you enjoy more convenience. 
  • You don’t have to worry about the logistics of travelling to the service provider because they’ll come to you. This is convenient when you’re tired and don’t want to move around or have mobility issues.
  • You’ll feel more comfortable and relaxed when you’re in familiar territory. Plus, you can suggest using your own items like towels.
  • You enjoy a high level of discretion since only you and the masseuse know what you’re up to. There’s no chance of bumping into other massage clients.

Disadvantages of Outcall

  • The total cost will be higher because it will include the transportation cost(s) of the service provider. The travel and set up time would probably be enough to service one incall client.
  • You’ll have to clean up at the end of the service.

So, What Is Better for You?

Ultimately, the choice between incall and outcall services depends on personal preference, convenience, and comfort. Situations differ, and it’s unlikely one option fits everyone every time. Both can deliver quality experiences, but it’s the other factors that make the difference.

Therefore, before you make your choice, ensure you consider everything in relation to your situation. For instance, with a limited budget, an incall would be your best bet. But, if you want the convenience, luxury, and peace of a familiar environment, an outcall would be the perfect option.

Lastly, you should note that some service providers may not offer both options. Make sure you research and select reputable service providers for the best experience.