My First Outcall Sensual Massage in London

I’d been a regular client at Suzie’s Spa since I moved to London. I found it purely by chance while house hunting. Fast forward six months later and at least two full body massages in a week, I was one of, if not their most satisfied client. They offer exceptional service and are professional, charming, and skilled in different types of massage therapy.

After several appointments, I got to know almost all the masseuses and grew fond of Matilda. She gave me the best massages and had a very warm personality. I tipped her generously and would request her every single time, to the point where I’d be willing to wait whenever she was with another client.

One weekend after an intense deep tissue massage, I joked about how she’ll need deeper pockets to store extra tips after my recent promotion and salary raise. She was visibly happy for me and threw her hands around my body for a warm hug. I embraced her back and felt her perky breasts press against my chest.

I’d always fantasized about her breasts and curvy frame. So, it took a lot of willpower to avoid the temptation of stretching my hands down to her hips and ass. When we pulled apart, I stared into her lovely eyes and said, “Thank you.”

“Sadly, that means I wouldn’t be able to make it for my midweek sessions,” I added and waited to see if she’ll be disappointed. Instead, she smiled, exposing her beautiful set of white teeth. 

I was confused but tried not to show it.

However, she must have read my mind because she said, “Well, you can work around that by booking the outcall services.” 

I started smiling and wondered why I hadn’t thought about it. After all, it made perfect sense as it offered a lot of convenience.

“But, only if you don’t mind having me at your place,” she added, distracting my train of thought.

“Of course, I don’t mind. It will be nice having you around.” 

“That’s exactly what I’ll do,” I added.

“Then, I’ll look forward to your request,” she said and picked up a towel from the massage table. “If you book soon, I’ll make the first one special,” she said and winked as she walked towards the door.

I felt a lustful sensation move through my body and almost asked her how special, but didn’t. Instead, I let my imagination run wild, and it heightened my anticipation. Something in her tone aroused my sensual senses, and I couldn’t stop thinking about her the entire evening.

Come Monday morning, I booked her for a Wednesday evening massage session at my place. I didn’t want to take any chances. My body craved her soft and caring touches, and my mind longed for the promise of a special massage session.

Finally, Wednesday was upon us. The agency called to confirm my appointment. I was still at work but told them I’d leave at 4.00 pm and arrive at 4.30, in time for the massage, scheduled to start at 5.00 pm. I left 30 minutes earlier, seeing as my mind had already checked out.

I tidied up my place and brought out an inflatable mattress to use in place of a massage table. Next, I freshened up and made myself a cup of coffee.

Matilda pulled up at my driveway in a Uber ride 20 minutes early. She was carrying a heavy bag that I assumed contained massage oils and other related products. She smelt nice and looked like a sexy goddess in her figure-hugging black dress. 

“I came early to set things up, but it seems you were more than ready,” she commented as she walked into the living area and saw the mattress on the floor. She sat on the couch near the door and looked around, taking in the space. 

“You have a beautiful home. I like the art pieces,” she said, and started to empty her bag.

“Thank you.”

She took her time to unpack all the oils, candles, towels, and clothes and then placed the candles at different points in the room. I asked if I could light them up while she went to change.

“Sure. And, please get out of those clothes when you’re done.”

Finally, the moment I’d been waiting for had arrived. I closed the curtains and lit the aromatic candles that created a soothing, intimate ambience with their lighting. As I stripped down, I turned to look for a towel to tie around my waist, only to see Matilda standing in the hallway staring at me.

I opened my mouth in amazement at how she’d transformed into a seductive masseuse, wearing a short skirt, stockings, and a sleeveless crop top. This was much better than what I’d imagined. I couldn’t wait to see and experience whatever else she’d planned.

“Let’s start,” she said and motioned me towards the mattress. I followed her directive and stretched my nude frame on the mattress, facing down.

I heard her open one of the massage oils and it didn’t take long before I felt it hit my skin. She was now kneeling beside me and started spreading the oil on my back slowly and rhythmically. She picked up the pace and intensified the pressure. I felt my muscles relax as my body warmed up with every stroke of her tender hands.

As she moved down to my lower back and teased my ass cheeks, I experienced a sudden rise in sensual stimulation. I let out a slow moan when she spread my cheeks, exposing my butthole to a cool breeze. She’d never done this before. It turned me on when I realized she was exceeding all my expectations.

She massaged each butt cheek and proceeded to my glutes and thighs. By now, I’d spread my legs slightly, hoping she would go lower and touch my twitching balls. My dick was fully erect and unashamedly protruding between my thick thighs.

Every part of my body was aroused and it felt good. She worked skillfully on both legs and it relieved the pain from a recent injury. Occasionally she would ask how it felt, and I could barely manage a murmur. She was in control and knew exactly how to turn up the sensual bliss.

When she was done with my backside, she asked me to turn and face up. I did and found another shocker when I opened my eyes to look at her. The crop top was gone, and her nipples were pointing at me. My erection hardened, and an erotic sensation shot up through my body.

As she leaned in to pour the oil on my chest, I almost begged her to let me feel the perky breasts I’d admired since the first time I saw them. Throughout the entire chest massage, I stared at her boobs without blinking and almost screamed in pleasure when she started playing with my nipples.

She smiled cheekily and continued towards my abs and groin area. My shaft was firm with protruding veins and throbbed incessantly as my balls ached uncontrollably. I was on the edge of a powerful release, and she kept stretching the limit.

She moved past my penis and massaged my thighs up to the toes. I didn’t expect that, and it only made me more horny. After finishing, she slid up and stopped inches away from my shaft. I felt her stockings rub against my legs, and the tip of her nipple brushed slightly against the head of my dick. I groaned.

I watched as she took her hands and started massaging my balls. I closed my eyes and held my breath as I felt the orgasm build up for an explosion. Then, she stopped and rose.

“Not today,” she said. “But, you can finish off.”

Immediately she loosened her skirt, and I watched in awe as it dropped to the floor, exposing a thick pair of thighs and a well-trimmed pussy. She didn’t have any pants on. Then, she parted her legs and lowered her hands teasingly to rub her visibly wet opening.

I couldn’t take it anymore. I started stroking my shaft and barely managed three strokes before unloading my seed. I spasmed and emptied my balls.

When I finally calmed down, I found her staring at me with her beautiful eyes before turning around to go and freshen up. “I hope you liked it.”

“I loved it. So much so that I’ll only book outcalls from now henceforth,” I said, unsure if she’d heard.