Prostate Massage to the Rescue

After the accident, it took a while for Robert to recover. However, he still experienced mild back aches and was yet to resume work. He went for regular checkups at the hospital and enlisted the services of a massage therapist to help with his back. Everything was going great except for one thing—his manhood.

He noticed his erections were not as strong as before and didn’t last long. He’d tried everything. From jerking off to his favourite porn to the amazing oral skills of his girlfriend, but the results were still the same. His girlfriend suggested he takes it easy and wait until he recovers fully.

Robert was troubled, and it was affecting his esteem. He always seemed withdrawn. His best friend, Mike, took notice while hanging out one weekend and asked him what was wrong. Usually, he’d say he can’t stop thinking about the accident to avoid going into details about what worried him. However, this time, he opened up about his concerns.

Mike listened keenly to his friend and asked, “Have you tried prostate massage? It might help.”

“No, I haven’t,” Robert answered. “Actually, I don’t even know what it’s about. Can you tell me more?”

“Well, it’s a massage of your prostate area, and it can be stimulating and erotic,” Mike replied. “Maybe you should ask that hot massage therapist next time she comes to work on your back.”

Robert smiled and stretched his hand to fist-bump his friend. He’d always fancied Carol, his outcall masseuse. She was beautiful, shapely, and had a warm, inviting personality. He enjoyed his massage sessions and always wished they lasted longer. Thanks to Carol’s magical hands, his back pains had subsided significantly. If she could work the same magic on his manhood, he would be entirely grateful.

On Thursday, the scheduled date for his massage, Robert was up early. He tidied up the place and even went for a walk in the neighbourhood to pass time. He was anxious because he wasn’t sure how Carol would respond to his inquiry. But he had to do it. His manhood was on the line.

At 11.00 AM, Carol showed up at his place. She was always punctual. They exchanged pleasantries, and she proceeded to set up her massage items. Robert had already freshened up and watched her in admiration. He was debating whether to ask her about prostate massage before or after she finished with his back.

He got lost in his thoughts and didn’t hear her asking him to hop on the table. She had to move close and jolt him back to the present.

“What’s on your mind today?” she asked.

“Not much,” he said and stood up to go to the massage table. However, she held him down gently and sat next to him.

“You know you can talk to me about it,” she said as she stared into his eyes.

Robert thought for a moment and decided to let it out. “I’ve been having issues with my erections and was wondering if prostate massage can help.”

Carol smiled and said, “I hope you’ve not been trying to have intercourse with an unhealed back.”

“Well, it feels fine, and secondly, masturbation won’t hurt, right?” Robert asked.

“True, it won’t, but you should take it easy.”

“Now you sound like my girlfriend,” he shot back and smiled.

“She’s right,” Carol said. “But to answer your question, prostate massage could help you.”

“Good! Can you tell me more about it?” Robert said. “Don’t worry. You can bill me for any additional time.”

Carol talked about prostate massage and its benefits for reproductive health. In the end, she said, “I can include it in your package, and we can start today. After all, my next booking is in the evening.”

“Sure. You do that and tell me what I should do.”

“If you’ve cleaned up, I’ll simply need you to strip naked and lie on the table, face down,” she said as she fetched her phone to type something. ”And, please get me an extra towel.”

Robert did as he was asked and waited. He didn’t care that he was butt naked on a massage table in front of another woman who wasn’t his girlfriend. The eagerness outweighed any sense of shyness and vulnerability. 

He was deep in thought when the warm massage oil landed on his back, followed by Carol’s soft hands. She massaged his entire backside seamlessly from the neck to his feet. She was strategic and alternated the pressure in certain areas for maximum effect. He felt good when she paid more attention to his lower back and spine.

As she took turns massaging his glutes and thick thighs, he felt a tingling sensation in his groin. His dick was growing beneath him, and it was only a matter of time before it was visible between his thighs. The intensity of the arousal shocked and excited him. 

Her touch on his thighs, behind the knees, legs, and feet made him feel alive. He was enjoying every moment. He even spread his legs for her to access the inner thighs. She didn’t disappoint. He felt her hand brush on his balls and the tip of his shaft a few times. He was just about to arch his back to provide more room when she asked him to turn.

The masseuse put a pillow under his head for comfort and started smoothening oil on his chest down to his feet. When she got to his mildly erect penis, she smiled and said, “I see it’s already up.”

“Yes, it is,” was all he managed to say.

Without another word, Carol massaged his neck and chest skillfully. She teased his nipples momentarily before proceeding to his abs and groin. Robert closed his eyes and waited to feel her hands on his shaft, but she moved to massage his thighs and legs instead. 

Then, as he relaxed into the rhythmical rubbing on her feet, she massaged her way back to his sensitive inner thighs and slowly started teasing his balls. He spread his legs to give her more room to work with. 

Immediately, she started massaging his shaft. She moved up and down and tactfully avoided the tip. His dick grew with every stroke while his balls twitched. She stopped stroking his shaft and moved towards his feet. Then, she pushed his legs to bend his knees and plant his feet on the massage table.

She returned to massage his balls, and instead of stroking his shaft with the other hand, she massaged his perineum and teased his ass hole. His manhood was now throbbing. He felt wild sensual sensations spread throughout his body. She kept increasing the pressure on his perineum, and his dick grew hard. 

He was lost in the erotic ecstasy when Carol turned things up by inserting her oiled finger into his ass hole. She pushed in slowly, then bent it upwards and pressed hard. Robert let out a loud moan and felt his dick head swell. 

She continued to massage his balls even as he raised his hips from the table, ready for a euphoric release. 

“I’m cuming,” he shouted before shooting a whole load of cum. He spasmed for several seconds, and the cum kept flowing. Finally, when she was certain his balls were empty, she removed her finger from his ass hole and released his ballsac. He stretched out his legs and lay on the table in shock.

Carol went to clean up and returned to find him sitting on the table.

“What was that?” he managed to ask. “It was amazing.”

“That’s part of prostate massage for you,” she said. “The release was an extra. You needed it.”

“I loved it,” he added, still beaming from excitement. “I’ll add one more session during the week. I hope you’ll be available.”

“Definitely. Let me know the date and time.”

“Thank you,” he said, and fetched his phone to send her a generous tip. He couldn’t wait for next week.