Sexiest Things You Can Do In London

Are you looking for the sexiest destination in London? Whether you are into erotic boutiques and naked yoga or you wish to visit a fetish nightclub, London has got you covered. We’ve rounded up a list 5 sexiest things you can do in London.

Sh!, Hoxton

Located close to Hoxton Square, Sh! is a women’s boutique that offers sex toys, lingerie, and a variety of sex education classes. Keep in mind that men are only allowed to enter into a company of a woman. However, couples are welcome to attend different classes including the Bedroom Bondage Erotic Class.

NOLA, Shoreditch

Head out to NOLA in Shoreditch and check out their Trouserless Tuesday event. The staff serves drinks without trousers and skirts and if you decide to take off your jeans, expect to get a free cocktail. This event only happens occasionally, so make sure to visit their website for updates.

Naked Yoga London, Bow

People usually work out in the gym and attend yoga classes to get fit before taking off their clothes, but Naked Yoga offers the opposite. They say that you can achieve greater results if you practice yoga naked. Even if you don’t believe that’s true, just think how much time you will save on doing laundry.

Torture Garden, Brixton

If you are into underground art, dancing, and bondage, the Torture Garden in Brixton is definitely the right joint for you. It’s the largest fetish club in the world that attracts both tourists and locals and all of them are dressed to the nines. Explore the countless rooms and see if the dark corners of the Torture Garden offer something you might be into.

London Escort Agencies

If you are looking for someone who can accompany you to social events, there are dozens of escort agencies in London. As one of the leading London Escort Agencies, City Butterflies offers a discrete service and all of their London escorts have that passionate sex appeal, vast intellect, and unblemished beauty. Many of the girls at City Butterflies are fluent in a variety of foreign languages and have refined manners.

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