Top Hotel Bars in London

At City Butterflies, we deal with some of the most powerful and wealthy people in the city, and our London escorts are used to entertaining the best of the best businessmen, media moguls, and stars of the big and small screens at some of the most exclusive establishments to be found here. This means we have some insight into the top places to see and be seen in and to share our insider knowledge with our readers and clients. Here is The City Butterflies list of the Top 5 Hotel Bars in London

The Bar & Lounge at The Goring Hotel

The Goring Hotel has long been a favourite of those in the know, but it sprang into the spotlight after Kate Middleton spent her last night as a commoner at the hotel before marrying Prince William and becoming Her Royal Highness the Duchess of Cambridge. The Bar & Lounge at The Goring is a tribute to the royal style and good taste, with understated elegance, outstanding service and the best tipple money can buy on hand. This is not a place to visit if you are inappropriately dressed, but it’s relaxed rather than stuffy. It’s proximity to Victoria Station makes it the perfect place to meet with one of our Executive City Butterflies for a Champagne Cocktail or the iconic ‘The Goring Royal Pimms’ as a prelude to a night to remember. Our girls are very much pampered princesses who would adore spending a weekend in the Royal Suite at this superb hotel, and you will find your generosity reciprocated in ways you cannot even imagine. Contact the hotel to make a reservation.

The Coburg Bar at The Connaught Hotel

The Connaught Hotel is one of London’s finest, and it stands to reason that its bars and restaurants will not disappoint. The Coburg Bar is a smart casual venue which doesn’t require a reservation, but obviously, certain standards are a given. It’s relaxed but the sophisticated atmosphere makes it the perfect spot to meet a City Butterfly for drinks as a prelude to an evening of enjoyment. The Coburg’s Champagne Menu is legendary, featuring connoisseur’s delights such as Krug with vintages dating back to 1949. Our City Butterflies are certainly from more recent vintages, but they are refined, elegant and poised, always dressed in top designer fashions. Call our friendly helpline to book one of our stunning London escorts to meet you at this top London Hotel Bar.

Artesian Bar at The Langham

The Langham is a London institution, and the Artesian bar has been rated as ‘The Word’s Best Bar’ by Drinks International for no less than three consecutive years, an outstanding achievement in an extremely competitive niche. Artesian describes itself as ‘the source of indulgence’, which is a motto our girls and our clients will definitely identify with. Artesian is so innovative that even the ice there is made with specialist technology. The theme of the latest cocktail menu is ‘Unfolding and Exploring‘ which invites guests to ‘unfold new experiences and explore unusual ingredients with cocktails with intriguing names such as ‘Time, Space & Honey’ and ‘Dream within a Dream’. May we suggest unfolding and exploring one of our beautiful City Butterflies along with one of Artesian’s spectacular cocktails?

Rivoli Bar at The Ritz Hotel

It is quite impossible to write an article about the top hotel bars in London without mentioning the sublime Rivoli Bar at the Ritz Hotel. The Rivoli has been compared to a ‘jewel box’, and with its palatial Art Deco design, it definitely has that feel. This being The Ritz Hotel, there is obviously a strict dress code, and you will not want to be seen here with an unsophisticated escort, which is why we suggest one of our City Butterflies as your companion for the evening. Start an evening of indulgence by indulging in some caviar from their outstanding selection, along with a bottle of Ritz Cuvee Privee champagne, or a very sexy Tallulah Cocktail which is served in a bespoke design of a very high heeled crystal shoe, glass and perfume atomiser.

What do YOU think of our list of the top 5 London Hotel bars? Please share your experiences and thoughts with us.

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